Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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How do you define find god?

Personally I went to Jerusalem looking for his people. Stop by Solomon's Portico  and did not see a soul.

the god you speak of is the judeo christian one as other gods had no problem proving their existance by use of idols, temples and feats of wonderment.

The Jehovah/jesus/ allah god spent the first part of his book showing himself like a flasher in a porno theatre. Walking in the garden, speaking through flaming fauna, traveling in a gold box, turning ladies into salt, causing food to fall like rain and composing laws on rock tablets.

So no, this god has established it does not require faith to follow him only an overactive imagination

Even in the time of Christ, the visions and the prophets had all died out.

Explain Paul, all visions had died out?

Prior to  John the Baptist I am speaking. In our very Romanish times the third incarnation of Elijah the prophet ( at least with his spiritual mantle) is suppose to arise in Israel. I am literally holding my breath to see if it is true.  We have nothing to loose by humoring the prophets. But if true it still can be an indefinite time away, since this would hinge on the reconstruction of the Jewish temple. They do have the keystone and red heffers and priestly garments, but they have not stricken ground yet. And since Jerusalem is a powder keg, I personally don't see how it will happen.

"In the latter day I will make Jerusalem a troublesome stone for nations" 

The verdict is certainly not neutral.  God is unfalsifiable--literally.  In such circumstances, the burden necessarily lies on those who claim that the phenomenon is real.  When there is no evidence for the claimed phenomenon, the correct conclusion is that it doesn't exist.  This is especially true when the claim is extraordinary, there is no evidence for it at all, and all the relevant evidence indicates that all such phenomena are man-made myths.

Thus faith can continue to save unbounded. since evidence would negate faith.

so would wishful thinking or is that what you are saying?

Not exactly my point.  Religions make a big deal about how faith is so important precisely because they can't even remotely make their claims without it.  When something doesn't make any sense, the only way it can be fobbed off on people is if they are first taught to think that accepting it in spite of its absurdity is a virtue.

Sure - and there is a teapot circling Saturn for our benefit. 

Are you referring  the constellation Sagittarius;)

No, he's referring to Russel's Teapot. Look it up if you're going to pretend to be knowledgeable.


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