Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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Michael, I appreciate your honesty, and like when you write here, because I think the world needs to see what it's up against.

No I have not missed your point nor did I ever surmise that the lack of evidence was evidence. I clearly stated, "is it possible?"

 Any evidence contradicts a faith based religion. 

Where is the evidence for all this?

RE: "Where is the evidence for all this?"

Mike has faith and the gift of prophecy, he don't need no stinking evidence, right, Mike?

You'll first have to explain why "faith" should be considered a virtue to the extent that a deity hiding itself would be "for our benefit".

Well most of us on this site come from Christendom and are well aware of the importance of faith to the belief system. Sorry if I took that for granted. I advise that you consult any online biblle commentary. I recommend or .org

I disagree that this would leave no room for faith.  I think it would require even more faith; faith that God is truthful and right.  As it stands, God's power is so far above us (if we're talking about the divine creator, at least) that we cannot verify if God really has our best interest at heart, or if God is just f'n with us.  You have to take it on faith.  A mysterious god is more malleable to our personal convictions than one that interacts directly with humanity in a clear and concise manner.  

Atheists will often be quick to point out that the the Abrahamic faiths (as well as others) support homophobia, misogyny, slavery, capital punishment (etc.).  Many religious folk will counter that not all people of faith are like that.  Many hold some notion of their god that is more compatible with their cultural views, either because they truly believe that is the nature of their god, or more likely because it's easier for them to believe.

But what if God emerged and suddenly left no grey area?  Let's say he commanded all true followers to kill every person who conceals their godgiven hair colour with dyes and other artificial means?  That would leave many of us in a position where we would need to kill loved ones, which would certainly contradict what's in our (metaphorical) hearts.  Which party do we trust?  Almighty God, or our own sensibilities? 

Perhaps that seems like a nonsensical scenario, but that's kind of the point: who can say how a god would or would not act?  There is all sorts of crazy stuff in religious texts which covers the full gamut from that which is intensely beautiful to that which is unimaginably monstrous.  With gods like that, all bets are off.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

No.  I'm against using the word 'possible' so frivolously.  We have no means to determine whether or not it is possible, so I'd say it is simply undefined.  When talking about probability and possibility, some evidence or supporting theory is still required, otherwise the terms lose meaning.  I could assert all sorts of utterly nonsensical claims and hedge them on the idea that some mysterious, unknown agent makes them somehow possible.


This proposition is an offshot of my philosophical musings.  After six decades of life I have observed patterns and coincidences to the extent that I would say that every day is authored.

Here are but a few that tip the iceberg:

  •  As the oceanliner struck the coral reef recently Titanic was playing in the dining room.
  • The same division of Carnival experienced another Oceanliner adrift in Pirate infested waters the following week.
  • After sky trumpets were heard in various places around the world, without explanation. I spoke of the Seneca canons in our area along the coast of NC. A few days following that conversation the phenomenon struck the region to the extent that the ground was shaking
  • Clintonville is in the news recently with people able to hear percussions at night. Yet when people try to record the sounds, they come up empty.
  • When I spoke of church spires and steeples being pagan symbol, likening to obelisks and standing images that cause the destruction of Jerusalem when wayward kings erected these images outside of the temple.  A earthquake struck the capitol and cracked the Washington monument. Our biggest obelisk. A one those indeed stand in the courtyard of the Vatican.

These are only the recent ones.

This to me is telltale signs of eternal authorship. As it is written, "a man may plan is ways, but it is God that determines his goings". "A man may plant a seed, but only god can make it grow"

 If so, then he must deliberately author each day such that there are enough people debunking his existence to the extent that he is relegated to the unfalsifiable or simply non existent. 

 Thus anyone having faith is relegated a fool by the wise of this world as prophesied.



It's reached the point where I only open a Michael post when I need a little comic relief.

I know what you mean!

Recently I was watching one of those videos of the trumpets sounding around the world and I thought to myself, "this is from the soundtrack of some movie I watched recently!"  Then I noticed a related video that confirmed my suspicions.

The day before 9/11 I was listening to the theme from Barney Miller - and in the opening credits to that show the twin towers are clearly visible!

And today the weather here got really warm, and so I was thinking about buying an iced coffee when, what do you know, one of my coworkers showed up drinking an iced coffee!

Totally bizarre!  This really could be proof that Anu actually exists.

I watched that movie a few months ago and thought it was the same thing. People will seriously do anything to f$#k with people... hilarious that it's actually been taken seriously by a few.

I know, right? In 4th grade, I do report report on Vikings and I find a NFL Vikings pencil.. then some 12 years later I move to Minnesota, home of the Vikings.. Spooky. 


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