I'd like to start off this random musing by first stating that the human animal is still evolving. This is a simple fact of science, but sometimes a startling concept to newbie atheists. Most of us have been taught all of our life that we are the peak of existence. So chew on that a moment if you need to, and then take another moment to imagine how life started out. Things procreate. A lot of things. Through pure numbers, some behaviors work out better than others. These things with these behaviors that do work out are able to procreate more. They make new things with the same behaviors that in turn procreate more things with more behaviors until the behavior is a trait. 
Well, that's a dumbed down version of it, anyway. 
So what behaviors do we have that are traits instead of learned behavior? Are there any, or is it all nature vs. nurture to you? 
Look. If some flatworms can pass on maze cheats to their offspring, I think that the behaviors we call instincts are somewhat of a passed on memory. Maybe not a memory exactly.  Not necessarily like having nightmares of being eaten by a bear when you live in suburban New York and you've never seen a bear up close in your life (which is a widely accepted theory, btw. Some folks believe we are still scared of predators in our dreams because it kept our ancestors alive.) I mean, it doesn't have to be that specific,but instead like a de-sensitivity to certain triggers. Our tribes are gradually getting bigger. They are linking in ways never thought possible back when you had to travel on foot to the nearest village to choose a wife out of the four girls that were of marrying age. Seriously. We lived in very small, very isolated groups for our entire existence and then within a few thousand years,( which is just a sliver of time in the chain of evolution that we recognize as man and pre-man, ) BAM! We are in HUGE cities that have totally different laws of survival. What has this massive environment shift caused us to lose? Probably the most subtle of body reading detection mechanisms required to know friend from foe. What has it caused us to gain? Well, probably a complex verbal communication mechanism to replace the lost body language reader. 
Our social evolution moves a whole lot faster than our biological one. Even though the biological one is what allows the progression of the social one. 
So take a look at where we are today. What are our behaviors? What are we passing on? 
Despite my own personal frustration at the recent setbacks in the political U.S (especially in my home state of California) even I have to admit that as a people, we are moving forward. We are becoming more and more equal rights focused. 
Yeah. That's why it's called progress, stupid. 
I get it. I get it. 
But wait. I think it gets weirder. 
We know that evolution is good for the species, right? We are much happier as we are than as we would be as a bit of sludge or primordial ooze. Oh, and also there is that thing about the species that evolves is the species that survives mentality. The dinosaurs didn't do so well with that, except for the ones that turned into birds or whatever. 
So this is where I'm going with this. 
Humans are evolving into an ever more tolerant, human-equality focused species, and that's a good thing. Those that exhibit that behavior are what I would consider an intellectual. Intellectuals are becoming more and more common in today's world. From self learned on the internet to having higher education for all economic classes than generations before. It's happening damn fast because the biological need to is influencing the social evolution to, and all of it benefits the species. Less wars means less death..more time for food production...ect. 
I think it even sped up more with medical advancements, because it's suddenly much safer to live in a city than ever before. Another snowball effect. As it becomes safer, more people do it, the more offspring are born into it and on and on. 
So the humans that exhibit this social tolerance are actually the more evolved of their species, right?
Which means those that do not exhibit these traits are....a liiiitle closer to our Neanderthal ancestors. 
Funny, but that doesn't come as a surprise to many of us. After all, what are some of the derogatory terms for folks that still believe in racism, bigotry and sexism? 
Caveman....Hillbilly..inbred....terms that mean backwards, anti-intellectual and such. 
And where do these people tend to live?
Rural areas. 
With smaller gene pools. 

So yeah. Basically that's one long ass argument as to why social conservatives actually-literally ARE genetic throwbacks that probably shouldn't breed.
Especially with each other. 

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Woah! Great read! Thanks for that link! That was freaking awesome!
City dwelling was a huge step, but I think an even bigger one is the internet.
There will be a day when future man rakes through these archives like archeologists did hieroglyphics after the finding of the Rosetta Stone.
As they study their own evolution, they will look back in fascination at the superstitions and rituals of their ancestors, and sites like this..social networks all over the internet from as far back as it's creation will hold tons and tons of historical significance. Look at how excited we get over civil war era letters. I mean, how fascinated are we when we get to read personal letters from actually people in their own words. Already Obama's every tweet or status update since he started making them is being stored somewhere ....and eventually, maybe not now or tomorrow, but eventually school children will get access to it. People in the future will be able to browse through our personal lives, all neatly recorded in the form of blogs and video journals. The most trivial thing we write here can literally be preserved for generations and generations and become the teaching tools of the future. Not only will it be a record of us, early millennial America, but it will be our views on the rest of the world collectively, and their views on us. Pretty much every country on earth has net access for their citizens somewhere, and the ones that don't will always stand out until they do. The silence itself is answer enough for countries like Burma and N. Korea. The huge fuss in China over the woman tweeting? We are recording our own evolution for our future generations to study. All of our mistakes, all of our personal opinions, everything.
But then there is this, too.
Globalization that is offered by the internet is a huge leap both biologically and socially. It's much easier now to marry and reproduce with someone from the other side of the world, promoting genetic diversity. It's also more socially acceptable to marry someone of another race. Hell, even race is going to be a transient theme in the distant future. Already old ones are being bred out and new ones are emerging.
By race I don't just mean genetic reproduction, I mean culture, too. You hear shouts about racism in Arizona when what they really mean is nationalism, since the Mexican people are not technically a race, but instead a culture. New "tribes" are developing. Old ones are being lost. We can easily communicate with all different sorts of people from all over the world. We can see into the day to day life of pretty much ANYONE that lives ANYWHERE if we've enough interest and a web connection.
No wonder our evolution is in overdrive. Physically we have globalized genetic diversity and socially we have globalized awareness.
Holy crap.
And we now have the technology to document it every step of the way.

That would be like "Origin of Species" writing itself for Darwin, from the perspective of the most dominant species on the planet from one era to the next.
And colored pictures, video, hell.. who knows what future technology will emerge in recording devices.


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