Ok, check this out everyone... I'm not sure what to think here... I took a class last semester (Biochemistry), and my teacher introduced a man named David Rasnick Ph.D., and showed us a video discussing the idea that the AIDS epidemic is not actually an epidemic (I apologize in advance for offending anyone that may have had a family member or friend die of AIDS, however I am simply curious and am searching for the truth here). David Rasnick, and other scientists claim that AIDS is a collection of viruses, rather than one particular one that keeps mutating; he also claims that there is no reason to believe that HIV causes AIDS. Check out these links to get informed:


David Rasnick interviews with a magazine:


A televised interview:


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Have you googled this clown?
Yeah I dunno what his motive could possibly be, though, for being so vocally opposed to the AIDS thing. why would he speak out against it? I agree with you though.
Yeah but that is the point of this guy's vociferousness. I think he wants media attention. Why give it to him?
Yeah, my ex-president was one of them... thanks to this guy.

For years Thabo Mbeki denied the link between HIV and AIDS, saying that one couldn't cause the other, and that one could be effectively treated by a combination of beetroot and african potatoes. This on the advice of his then health minister, the late Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang (who I think died of liver complications related to incohol abuse.. but don't quote me on that).

What this meant is that for years South Africa did not get a programme to roll out ARVs in the public healthcare system, which would prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to unborn child, or prolong the healthy years of an HIV infected person.

The TAC group that was quoted earlier has one charismatic leader (not sure if that description extends to all areas of his life), who was HIV positive, but refused to take ARVs (which he could afford to buy privately) until this stupid attitude was reversed. It was, and he is still alive, despite his CD4 count dropping to critical levels more than once. I don't agree with him on some other issues he's taken a stand on, but for this one I think he's managed to save a whole bunch of South Africans.

Stupid twit doctor. African potatoes? Fuck. ('scuse my French)
Yeah, if you watch the whole video, he claims that some guy who originally did research on this disease knew that HIV didn't cause AIDS and that he didn't want to admit that he was wrong. He said pharmaceutical companies stand to benefit enormously from this because of the obvious (African AIDS epidemic). IDK. What I don't understand is why now? Why, after all this stuff has gone on and supposedly millions of dollars have been wasted, why have these people suddenly decided it's time to aggressively speak out?
This guy is an idiot. HIV definitely causes AIDS. That's a fact. There is absolutely not even a shadow of a doubt about it. That's like saying 'Evolution may not be the reason why there are so many species on the earth'-- it's stupid.

First,I would read Dr.Peter Duesberg's well documented book on HIV.To be fair to him as he has spent years of research on this 'disease.'After all he is the 'father of the retro virus' as he was the one who was the first scientist that 'mapped' this type of virus!

I have seen people who debated his ideas not being fully conversant with his massive research.He is a genius.His credentials are impeccable.

Athesits are always complaining they are misunderstood,etc.;yet I see them cajol a scientist and/or a subject they too don't understand! Be fair.Learn all you can about his work then post!!! Sometimes the minority can be correct.Learn from history.

The medical profession has reveresd itself literally thousands of times over the years!


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