Being an atheist made me accept the fact God is an evil drowning sadistic hell making none forgiving bastard on a good day, what then can we say of the foe nicknamed the devil in history as his counterpart?


Frankly I cant say he was the serpent in the garden since the devil's story is supposed to have a heavenly angel degraded with some angels, that's not a snake as far as I can tell. He didn't cause any of the medical term problems from psychosis to diseases. So really is there a need a need for a person to frown at the devil? You can actually count all the bad things he did on you're fingers in the bible, the one I accept as bad but God was more than willing to endorse it is what went down with Job.


The devil just want you to be as far as I can tell, the dethroning of God as the drowning mad man sounds like a good thing, he has no need for us to be in hell, he's been sent there against his will be God. Frankly as far as I can say the devil might be like part of the myth that's a good guy. Remember he had no part in jesus' death, and the end days madness is what God says.


For an atheist you can come up with a ton of reasons why it's a relief that God doesnt exist, can you name reasons why it's a relief the devil doesnt exist?

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Your wording makes me wonder if you are truly Atheist or just a disenfranchised theist dabbling in agnosticism.  The god of the Bible is nothing more than a mythology that reflects how some ancient peoples interpreted their world.  The fact that ancient civilization so commonly imagined their world to be governed by sentient minds attests to a very common desire to discover reason in nature.  The fact that these sentient minds were so often imagined as being hostile reflects an acceptance of the volatility of nature.  The Abrahamic mythology strongly reveals the superstition/desire that the mercy of nature could some how be invoked.


The fact is that nature is volatile and not consistently hospitable, and so your apparent anger at a mythological being would be more accurately directed at the natural world.  The concept of a 'devil' is nothing more than a mythological device used to imbue nature with a little more sympathy by attributing perceived volatility to some third party; likely in the hopes of discovering a means of warding off that third party.

My point is to actually ascertain the illogical fear of christian to cling to god partly from the fear of the considered 'the bad side' and the ULTIMATE EVIL. Not that I care about what or who the devil might be, I'm suggesting the logic of the devil as the ultimate ender of all that is good when you entertain the idea which is how you tackle a theist.

I guess I need to get used to the fact there are no theists on this site, kinda got used to a passive argument on the imaginary beings.

Well if you are going to imagine the characters of the Christian mythology from within the context of that mythology, then I would have to say that the devil is not a saint.  From within that context, any assertion that the world is a terrible place is akin to a 13 year old lamenting that life is not worth living because his or her boyfriend or girlfriend just moved to Shelbyville.  The creator gave you a wonderful opportunity in allowing you to experience the suffering of this world, for with it comes all the passion that it is life, and after it comes all the splendor of an eternity in his light.


The devil is the traitor of all traitors, not only for tempting you to turn away from that light but because he only does so so that you will know the suffering that he chose of his own volition.  He knew the splendor of that light when he turned away from it, but he would trick you into turning away from it before you've even had the opportunity to experience all its glory.  He does this because he is jealous of a gift that you have not yet even received, a gift that he has already thrown away.

Well, that's the Christian version of events. :)

If any of this were true, I like to think that Satan actually realized what a tyrant God was and rebelled; he was trying to enlighten Adam and Eve in the Garden... risking his own (snake) skin so they could have the knowledge that was forbidden from them. Maybe Satan knew what kind of wars would be fought in the name of Jesus, and that's why he "tempted" him in the wilderness to abandon his plan to be sacrificed/made a martyr of.

I'm way too tired to travel very far down this road, but I like my version better. I think Satan was the real hero!


But you are talking about an Eternity in his light! Do you have any idea how long eternity is? Of course not, it's impossible to imagine. And the Glory of his light!! There just aren't words to express that! How could you like anybody who turned away from that? How could you even consider liking anyone who is trying to trick YOU into turning away from that?
No but... you see... Satan is the angel of music, so he makes me happy with music! How could you not like music?! Haven't you heard the saying "life without music would be a mistake"?! If you enjoy music, then you know the joy of Satanism! ;)
From the point of view of literature, both God and the Devil are jerks. They've got their own issues to work out with one another and humanity is caught in the middle.


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