In the post Cleansing the Sinner I asked could Christians show me how I could come to know their God. I was finding it very difficult to get anyone to explain anything about Him to me. If Christians claim that they base their beliefs on something more than faith could they please tell me what evidence they have to support the claim that their God does indeed exist.

Then Jeff showed some understanding of what I was repeatedly asking for by saying:

I will admit, it does require some faith to believe Jesus is God. Faith, however, does not mean there is an absence of evidence.

I see this as an honest answer. I get the faith part. However I contend that there is a complete lack of evidence and that is the main reason I am an atheist. So if it not absent please tell me what it is. What evidence have you for your God’s existence. The Bible is not evidence. It is the claim for but not the proof of anything. If you can persuade me with your evidence I will become a Christian.

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Your green argument is an association fallacy. Leprechauns are “unique”. There is evidence for that statement too.

@Simon,  How is your premise 1 correct???

Did you present an actual Leprechaun so that it's color could be determined?  NOPE.

Premise 1 is not true.

So premise 2 is not reasonable.  Just because nut-balls go around claiming doG speaks to them does not make doG true or real nor reasonable.

Or that they believe in a Sky-Daddy doesn't make their Sky-Daddy real nor reasonable.

If you make your first premise "a group of people claim that Leprechauns exist, can be a true statement (if there is such a group).  How would that take you to a true statement that Leprechauns are real and green???

Why is it an association fallacy?  If something is green, and some people enjoy greenness, then those people would want to celebrate because that thing is green. 

My bad Simon, I stand corrected. I mixed up replies to two posts. I misread yours to read the “If” at the start and somehow got the impression that all leprechauns are green was implied, when I know that is not true :-)

Simon that isn't a good analogy at all. Faith in God is not comparable to what you call faith in reliable testable technology produced by man.

Take this approach if you prefer:

Could any theist that wants to address this post please tell us the “Top 3” things you hold as true about your Faith and why you believe each of them to be true without saying because the Bible says so.

This is your chance to convert an atheist. Will you help me to get nearer that light?

LOL Every time you do this it makes me laugh.

I am NOT holding my breath here.

This is the inverse of the question "What would cause you to believe in doG?", which I think is a more reasonable question.  So I'm not looking a particular flavor of the doG (I'm kinda fond of Thor).  Forgetting the more mundane claims is there any way to to test/prove the basic doG claim: existence or non-existence?

Christians believe their god was nailed to a tree.

Thor carries a hammer.

Do the math.

Thor has a hammer?

I have a hammer ...

... That must mean ....

Od's blood!  I'm Thor!!!

Damn!! I wanted to be Iron Man :-(

But ...

... I have an iron ...


"Christians believe their god was nailed to a tree.

Thor carries a hammer.

Do the math."

Damnit I told Thor I would pickup some nails on the way in...well I forgot, I'm in for it now...I hope he doesn't drop that damn hammer on my toe again, that thing is a lot heaver then it looks.


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