is scripture meaningless because people create god in their own image?

Have you ever noticed how religious people of vastly opposing world views will proudly tell you their opining is based on scripture?

I've heard people claim that jesus was a socialist, a capitalist, a pacifist, a military leader, a religious revolutionary and an orthodox rabbi.

I've heard people say jesus would vote republican….

I've heard religious jews justify abortions, and heard those who oppose them  - both claiming that's what the
bible says.

I've heard rabbis who justify evolution and heard rabbis who oppose it- and they all quoted the bible.

I've heard rabbis praise the military occupation of Palestine in the name of Judaism, and I've heard rabbis who speak harshly against it- because it
negates jewish values.

I've heard people praise Judaism for promoting equality between men and women, gentiles and jews- and I've heard people criticize Judaism specifically
because it is so discriminatory.

I've heard muslims speak of peace and pacifism in the name of islam, and I've seen my share of suicide bombers.

How much more obvious can it be that religion is completely redundant?!?! How is it that so many people are simply blind to the fact that they are all
cherry-picking what they like, and by that actually rendering god in their own
image- and thus making him completely pointless…

Is there a stronger argument for the fact that god is a very human delusion?!

What are your thoughts?

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I have also witnessed this over and over, and have done it myself. but my favorite is from my mother in law "God understands why I lied" LOL People seem to think, Jesus is my home boy when in the bible it says, God is the same today yesterday and forever. Side note: if the last statement were true the why aren't mircles performed for all to see, why hasn't all other religion been abloished by him, why aren't they still adding to the bible today and so. soooooo yeah there is no god.
I always found this fixation christians in the US have with abortions strange. why abortions? why not tortue for instance? they've carved this one issue up on their banner as if nothing besides it (or evolution) matters- and i just don't get it. specifically- because the bible actually allows abortions.

christians base their opposition on the claim that god commanded us not to murder.

but just as he later sanctioned war- he also sanctiond abortions:

Exodus 21:22

"And if men strive together, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart, and yet no harm follow (to her), they shall be surely fined, according as the woman's husband shall lay upon them; and they shall pay as the judges determine...But if any harm follow (to the woman), then thou shalt give life for life."

could there be a more direct statement?! - the fetus is not considered a human being!

so i ask- what gives?
every religion is made up by people from recycled beliefs before it. As far as people justifying there actions based on scripture, there isn't much scripture to back that up. people either translate it the way they want to or do what they want, and make the scripture fit their ideals.
Is there a stronger argument for the fact that god is a very human delusion?!

Indeed: simple propositional logic. A material implication is always considered valid when the consequent is true. Your examples show us that in the real world, any kind of opinion and its contrary can be derived from scripture. A look at the truth table shows us it can only happen when the antecedent is false. In everyday words, "from bullshit you can deduce anything you want."

When you invoke an immaterial, inobservable deity you can create a parralel world that you are somehow convinced it is real. Anything inside "that" world can be invented.

Apologetics and evangelists are master alchemists. They can turn any shit into gold. Copyright not intended.
A material implication is always considered valid when the consequent is true.

Should read: "...when the antecedent is false." My bad.


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