I am often asked my opinion of scientology: is it a “REAL” religion?  My answer: “Who cares?”  It’s just another of a couple of thousand preposterous belief systems in the world, none of which have any validity whatsoever; and all of which are elaborate scams crafted to deceive, control and/or cheat people.  So, in that sense, of course it is  a “real” religion, and as deserving of “respect” as any of the others, which is NONE!   

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I'm inclined to agree.

Who are we to decide what other people believe? We can't. Therefore, we must believe that they believe what they claim to believe.

A religion is whatever people say it is...and, they qualified as a religion with the Federal Gov, and, got their holy tax exemption...so, sure, the idea of all of us having spirits in us from aliens or from supernatural entities is all about the same really...its as much a religion as any other.


I do find it amusing that our governments get to decide what bat shit nonsense is a religion and what isn't.

As an ordained member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster I fully agree with you Matt. 

well said Dale.

Well said Dale.

I always think that any claim to knowledge that relies on religious faith is shit. And the underlying beliefs get the same respect from me. None

“Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man wants to make a million dollars, the the best way would be to start his own religion.”

L. Ron Hubbard.

There are also a few links on Scientology in this weeks' Sunday School.

It comes across, to me at least, as a 12-step pyramid scheme..

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As Scientology preys on the weak by selling them bullshit it should qualify as a religion, at least by that standard.

Like all religions, Scientology is a for-profit business.

Does the government ignore religions until their founders apply for 501c3 tax exemptions?
Yep, atheism is non-prophet

The government itself doesn't care about what you believe as far as religion goes...unless you don't pay taxes or hold kids hostage for sex, or break other laws, etc.

If the organization can satisfy the requirement for being considered a religion (We believe some shit whether we can prove its valid or not, and don't want to pay taxes), then, its a religion.



There are two guidelines:

That the particular religious beliefs of the organization are truly and sincerely held.

That the practices and rituals associated with the organization's religious belief or creed are not illegal or contrary to clearly defined public policy.


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