Tinker observes that Dawkins has all the hallmarks of fundamentalist religion:
  • Vehemence
  • Narrow-mindedness
  • Intolerance
Is he basically just being a .. well a" fundamentalist scientist"?

I was just interested in people views... 



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Since atheism is simply an unbelief, it really isn't a meme. Perhaps the ways in which atheists are expressing themselves openly has meme like qualities. Otherwise, that would be like saying that not believing in Santa Claus or Hydras are memes.
but dawkins refers to a meme as ideas or beliefs that are analogous to genes, they spread and infect peoples minds, he claims mostly in families. so if religion can be passed though infection to one another why cant atheism?
Because atheism is the lack of belief. In order for it to be a meme, belief in gods or a god would have to be something one was born with. Atheism is defined and exists only as a result of the existence of religion. If no religion existed, we would have no concept of atheism as we do today. It is the default, not an add on, as a meme is.

I don't discount that some people come to atheism in similar fashion that some come to religion. And the meme idea might apply there. But for me and some others I know here at T|A, atheism is the result of other pursuits and not something any of us actually sought out specifically.
ah I didn't really think of it like that! Because so many people say atheism is a from of belief I tend to forget that no, its lack of it.
True about atheism, disillusionment with the church and flaws in the religious argument were my reasons.
Thanks for helping me get that straight in my head, even though it hurts from having to do this much thinking.
If you're thinking, then you are doing it right! Too many people stop thinking or never start. The process is more important than the conclusions gained, more often than not. :-)
You could say that critical thinking is a meme, albeit one that I think ought to be encouraged. :)
No. Richard Dawkins is in no way a fundamentalist. I could elaborate more on why he is not but I think everyone else has basically covered it.
The trouble with Dawkins?

Via Coyne

Of course, this is Michael Ruse. I've seen his stuff before and I think he really misses the mark. He bloviates but nothing meaningful comes of it.
Some Dawkins dogma for you all. ;-)



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