Is it religions fault that the discrimination against the GLBT exists?

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OK what's your point that this particular culture (english) makes the rules of what is and isn't homosexuality?  Remember the culture drive for power over others..

Xu how can you even begin to say that homosexuality is universal to the animal kingdom?  We all experience gravity, but we all don't experience what you call homosexuality.

What are you on about?! Just like gravity, homosexuality exists whether or not it has a name. Before Newton discovered the principle behind gravity, it still existed, and as Karl Pilkington put it, "we weren't all floating about, were we". Haha!

Saying something is universal doesn't imply that it literally exists in everything. An element like helium or oxygen is universal. That doesn't mean that the universe is 100% helium or oxygen.

Yeah, OK. You don't see a correlation between race or gender equality and sexual preference equality, and you think that somehow calling two male animals having sex 'homosexual behavior' is some kind of antroplogical ethnocentrism, but I'm culturally ignorant? OK, sure. 

having "sex"...why sex?

Actually, I am not 'interpreting' at all. Many species engage in sexual or mating-related behaviors with members of the same sex. Period. If you are actually asking how we (referring to those scientists whose business it is to observe and document such things) know that certain behaviors are mating or sexual behaviors, I would advise you to read a basic biology text.

Likewise, the question you pose about 'everything on the planet being homosexually inclined' shows a similar ignorance of how science works, how the world works, or what we are really talking about. There are a myriad of behaviors to which many, but not all species are 'inclined.' Why is universality required to demonstrate that a similar behavior exists in many species? For all of that, what does the fact that many primates exhibit this behavior have to do with 'everything on the planet?'

As I have already defined, 'homosexual behavior' in any species refers to sexual activity with members of the same sex. Whether is is or is not sexual behavior with members of the same sex has nothing to do with environmental causes. It is either sexual behavior with members of the same sex or it is not. How is it that you are not grasping this? How is it that you are not grasping that behavior =/= concepts? Animals may not 'understand' sexual behavior by way of a concept of 'sexual behavior;' would you claim that they do not engage in sexual behavior?

Again I ask, how do we know that the animal behavior is what we call "homosexuality and how much of it is due to our own interference with their environment?  For example the removal of rain forest, habitat therefore food sources, the introduction of disease which may mark "gender" imbalance etc. inadvertent killing of species for profit which also creates imbalances. 

So If I understand you.. you think that by cutting back the rainforest animals are becoming gay? Or what we would perceive as gay?

 I think you would think that other species share our anthropological concepts because you keep insisting that they have homosexual acts/behaviors. 

Well, if you consider everything on this planet shares a common ancestry.. it would then stand to reason that there would be some behaviors which would transcend species. Homosexuality would fit that bill.... 

In my experience, most homophobia is directed at gay men or male->female gender 'spectrum' folk.  I think there is an innate fear that such XY'ers will be unfit for battle (you'ld think we would be past that).  It is also possible that many men fear being 'turned out' by a dominant gay man.  In any event, I find that's it's primarily rooted in the male psyche and really don't understand it at all.

I have seen some very strong homophobic attitudes expressed from mother to gay child - that might be a gene passing instinct, but I think it runs to higher level, complex psychological issues.  I know a lot of parents have a 'plan' for their children and don't deal well with finding out that their children are incompatible for that plan - this applies not only to orientation, but also ability/disability.

That somehow they are going to become the 'bottom partner' to the gay man through some form of coercion.

Yes, well I feel that the 'male identity' is far more complex than most people realize - and I think I've read about rather in-depth explorations of this topic.  On the one hand, society seems to play up the male identity as being very simple, lacking in nuance or conflict.  From a psychological perspective there is a HUGE change in how males are treated as children/teens/and adults.

Baby boys can be cute, can be cuddled, and can give daddy a kiss on the cheek.  At some point those traits become completely unacceptable.  It would seem to me that going from one extreme to the other in a very short period of time would be emotionally traumatizing - yet this remains the norm in our society.  It's really rather bizarre now that I think of it.

not all straight guys are like that , there are some out there that are on your side.  I know a few . you should have been around in the late 60's when it was against the law and  you would see how far gay men & women have come. Just look at Ellen , no one would have been openly gay on TV back then, or adopted babies, got married , were openly gay. it take a long time for things to change but it is happening. Some  high schools now have Gay rights associations.  I didn't know Green Day  were gay , I must be getting old ......

Ah, yes.  "I want my kid to be the football star I wasn't quite"

Kids are individuals, and shouldn't be shoehorned into being just like their same-sex parent only slightly improved.

I would be curious to know/understand the interactions of early homo sapiens in the context of homosexuality and the group dynamics involved. 

I believe would think the incidents of homosexual behavior in other orders of mammals are statistically very low in comparison to heterosexual interactions. Evolution and natural selection functions to ensure species survival and procreation. Would it be fair to say that homosexual behavior is possibly an anomaly among lower order mammals? 

On a personal level I am indifferent to homosexuality. I possess no phobias or ill will towards the LGBT community. I admit I don't fully understand it but that is not important. What is vital is to make people realize that religious doctrine is wrong to condemn or attempt to punish those that choose that lifestyle. I am inclined to think that the rejection of homosexual behavior was generated long before organized religion came to exist. Whether originally out of fear or ignorance I do not know. Certainly the time has long since come to undo the fear and ignorance and replace it with acceptance and respect.


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