Is it religions fault that the discrimination against the GLBT exists?

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'Fraid you're right. Thanks for hopping in, and I hope to see you around here more! :)

Yes there is a blockage.

"And please don't equate racial equal rights with homosexuality. Equal rights for "black" people affects ALL people's rights equally.  Homosexuality does not apply to ALL people" (here I should have said, equal rights for homosexuality does not apply to all people)

Kris I see Mith has an ally... lol.. Why, because ALL people aren't homosexual. As for not all people being "black" maybe you will find the point if you can remember we are talking about EQUAL RIGHTS, not color of skin. But some folks will twist stuff to make their point.

Basically you are rehashing the same points..but please keep in mind as you do so that scientist are people too and subject to human interpretation. In fact Scientist once thought that the human skull determined intelligence. 

I still didn't get an answer for the manipulation of the animals environment by humans and its effect on their behavior and that behavior being interpreted from the human perspective as homosexuality. 

Nor did I get a response regarding the cultural aspect of homosexuality...but it's ok that would take you someplace that you don't want to go..

"I still didn't get an answer for the manipulation of the animals environment by humans and its effect on their behavior and that behavior being interpreted from the human perspective as homosexuality." 

You have gotten all the answer you will get, because there isn't a question here. Animals show the behaviors we have been discussing regardless of their environment - in the wild, in threatened habitats, in zoos, in laboratories - the behavior is there. It's a non-issue. There is also no interpretation required to say that sexual behavior between animals of the same gender is 'homosexual behavior.'  

In Nature they have an event known as "protogynous hermaphrodites"...Do we really know enough about animal behavior to label it from how we see the world?

Some folks are just plain arrogant, they want to order the world in their image.

one example would be the christian idea which by the way comes from the same culture that declares homosexuality is "Natural"..

Sorry that didn't make any sense at all! We (humans) are labeling things with names to aid in our own observation and recording of facts. Is it also "arrogant" to label gravity with a name? 

Yes we humans are always labeling things and recording facts as our education dictates.  But gravity is a universal/cosmic event that we all share, so it can be call Yu Hung ma (don't hate me for that) and still have the same effect.  However homosexuality is NOT universal, it is a unique idea from a unique cultural idea. 

Apparently he thinks so, because, Helium! And how do we know down isn't really up from the atom's point of view. Or something.

did you know that at  one time in Egypt that up was down (south) and down was up (north) the Mediterranean area was Lower Egypt and the South was Upper Egypt.

Yes, in many cases, we can. Sometimes what the uneducated see as arrogance, is simply education. Sometimes one can be arrogantly ignorant.

As well as culturally ignorant Mith..

In the English language, we have defined the word "homosexual" as meaning sexual activity between two animals (humans are animals as well, after all). Now when we observe activity that falls within that definition, we label it homosexual activity. This labeling serves to organize our knowledge of the world we live in. If that is arrogant, then perhaps all language is arrogant as well, because we constantly classify things that we "do not know enough about", as you put it.

And in response to what you said above about gravity being a universal effect, if we observe behaviour in animals that falls under the definition of homosexual, then we can say that homosexual behaviour is universal to the animal kingdom.


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