Is it religions fault that the discrimination against the GLBT exists?

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Very well said ...... lets start some new traditions ! by getting rid of the ones that no longer serve us ....

I am married and I was married in the Court House by a Black female  Judge. It was not a religious ceremony . What is the difference if gays are married or have a civil  union , its only words . words are words Man made words . what is so sacred about a marriage between a man and a women 50 % of them get divorced over and over. What is the big deal why can't we move forward and  call gay people ( people )  Black and white people (people)  why can't humane beings of any kind get married ,  or a civill union they just want their rights as  others before them have fought for their rights like the rights of women to vote, and have abortions.....  and use birth control lets move forward as humanes not backward as most religions seem to be doing as we speak ....... <3 <3 <3 

Well there was same sex marriage in California and that was taken away. The fact though that the rights were not given in the first place, only makes it even worse. 


Let's be clear on something.. Gay marriage isn't preventing anyone else from getting married. Just because Ellen DeGeneres gets married it won't prevent my mother from marrying a second time. 

I take it you are aware that what's being said about gay marriage was once said about inter-racial marriage..We see how inaccurate that was...

People who choose the gay lifestyle do have the same rights (since I'm black the whites ones have more but that's another story).  Not one piece of legislation is geared to take the rights of homosexuals away from them. Marriage was established btw a man and a woman looooooog before homosexuals decided they wanted to marry too and that has nothing to do with "rights" but acceptance. 

  • DADT (only recently repealed)
  • DOMA
  • Louisiana, Utah, Florida, Arkansas all tried variants of laws that would bar same-sex couples from adopting children
  • at least 16 states had anti-sodomy laws on the books until the Supreme Court had to step in in 2003
  • A considerable number of states (at least 18) have no protection for LGBT people from discriminatory hiring or termination in the workforce (though some of those states do have local laws to that effect in certain municipalities)

That's not a complete list.  If one wanted to get pedantic, they don't all fit the bill of taking rights away.  I concede that point, but this list demonstrates the fact that LGBT people have had to fight legislators and still do just to stand on equal footing with other Americans.  Same-sex marriage legislation isn't some isolated issue; it's one piece in a much larger picture of discrimination.

As for discrimination against black people, I can't pin the relevance here.  I can't imagine a single person in this thread supports racial discrimination in principle.   

Being gay is not a choice.

When marriage was established, we had bigger issue to worry about. The fact that we cannot marry; only illustrates that there is a law geared exclusively to heterosexuals.

Equality means, equal treatment. For equal treatment to be feasible the same rights and privileges need to be available for all parties. That means homosexuals should be able to marry who they love, should be able to serve openly in the army, should be able to donate blood etc. 

All you are doing here is trying to justify bigotry and you can't; because there is no logical justification for it. And btw marriage when it was first established was un-religiosu loooooong before theistic faiths got their hands on it. 

I'm finished with this times it was fun.

Yeah you're only finished because you have no logical argument to prove your point. Nothing you've said here makes any sense. 

Agreed, he didn't even address my points.

The GLBT community is discriminated against (I feel) due to many people's low tolerance of, or hightened fear of anyone/anything different from themselves. As for religion, I would not call their attitude discrimination, I call it intolerance. The main problem is that many religions keep feeding the fear and call GLBT folks sick, unclean or abominations.

So no, it's not their fault, however they should allow themselves to be educated on this subject.






Chicken and the egg?

I think religion became a tool to use to support homophobia, I don't think they are the cause of it.  I think homophobia was there and a religion was developed to institutionalize it.  I think what many have already mentioned that early greek and roman religions were ok with it.  It is mostly only modern religions who are major champions of homophobia.



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