Is it religions fault that the discrimination against the GLBT exists?

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it's that they are trying to take the right away from people who have believed for the past 200 or so years that marriage is btw a man and woman. 

I have no idea what you are talking about? No one is suggesting the right of a man and a woman to get married should be "taken away".

I'm not talking about taking away rights. I'm talking about giving rights to people.

Do you think black people should be allowed to marry white people? If you do, then how is that any different then gay people wanting to get married?

Do you think owning a slave should be a right? This was a tradition and the law got rid of it.

The length of how long a tradition has been in-tact is not necessarily an indication of if that tradition should be questioned or changed.

Do you not think the true goal of so many people on this planet is to want to live and be treated as equals? Is that not your personal goal? Do you believe that some people should be treated less than others? If so why?

its all about rights, so when you vote remember this ..... do we really want some super religious  republican as our president..... Going backwards making us follow his own personal  idea of religion , using a book (bible) to dictate what we should be thinking  and doing as US citizens .... make sure you vote !!!! 

Robert you just got me all fired up after I read your  last reply !!!!

it's that they are trying to take the right away from people who have believed for the past 200 or so years that marriage is btw a man and woman.

People have the right to believe that marriage is between a man and a women, and no one is taking away their right to believe that. These people have no right, however, to force others to accept their belief and abide by them.

Can you see the distinction here? We cannot expect others to conform to our ideas, however saturated in tradition they are. The United States is melting pot of many, many cultures and beliefs... and we cannot allow even one belief system to override others. Beliefs are personal. They cannot be taken away. They can, however, be challenged or ignored by those who disagree.

Homosexuals have the right to pursue their own happiness, just like everyone else. Any state that denies homosexuals the right to marry is refusing to give them a right that should already belong to them... just like women have the right to vote or own land or hold office like any other human beings. The government was withholding something it owed to women from the start. The government was withholding the right to freedom from the slaves.

What you need to understand is that our government, and people who think their beliefs should reign supreme, are holding human rights hostage... and those who are demanding to have them are demanding something they are undeniably entitled to.

yes Cara I see the distinction but do you?  This "controversy about "gay" marriage is recent so whose forcing who to believe as they do? Marriage btw a man and a woman has been in force since forever. 

I disagree that the U.S. is a melting pot, it more like stew with the favoring being only ONE culture. 

I don't think anyone wants to deny homosexuals (except the extreme conservatives/fundamentalist) their "happiness."  Again marriage has been the union btw a man and woman, so is the issue homosexuals having the same "rights" as married people or just getting married?  If it's the latter why is that so important given that the rules have been in effect for hundreds of years? 

As for the rights of women to vote, does not change the basics principles/concepts of voting or land ownership changing the basic principles/concepts of land ownership. But marriage btw a man and a man or a woman and a woman changes the basic concept of marriage. 

Look I'm one black person in a sea of white folks who are raised to believe (and supported by academia, media and society in general because that's how they keep power/"supremacy") that their "facts" are the way of the world. 

So I do understand what this is all about. I was testing to find out if "free thinkers" where any different from other socialized whites. Jury is still out on that because I haven't heard from all of you, just the ones who are pro gay. 

Do you know what else has been around "since forever"? Slavery and subjugation of women. So, according to your logic, black people should not have rocked the boat of tradition by demanding freedom from people's age-old belief they had a right to own other people. Slavery has been around longer than Christianity, longer than Rome, longer than the Egyptians... and, in some parts of the world, is still present. That does not change my belief that is absolutely wrong and should be fought wherever and whenever it occurs.

I understand that you've been raised in a culture dominated by the white male. I understand that they have the upper-hand. And ya know what? I think that's wrong... and I will fight for YOUR right to access to better things. Do you really have a problem with "socialized whites" fighting for civil rights? Do you really have a problem with people who fight for YOUR equality just because they're white? We're saying it's wrong to favor any race, any gender, any sexuality... including you. It doesn't matter if we're white. We're using our influence to help those less fortunate. What else can we do?

I absolutely reject "tradition" as any reason to deny someone anything... be it marriage or land or whatever. Tradition can kiss my white ass. I'm going to stand up for those without a voice, even if they curse me for being a "socialized white".

Very well said ...... lets start some new traditions ! by getting rid of the ones that no longer serve us ....

I am married and I was married in the Court House by a Black female  Judge. It was not a religious ceremony . What is the difference if gays are married or have a civil  union , its only words . words are words Man made words . what is so sacred about a marriage between a man and a women 50 % of them get divorced over and over. What is the big deal why can't we move forward and  call gay people ( people )  Black and white people (people)  why can't humane beings of any kind get married ,  or a civill union they just want their rights as  others before them have fought for their rights like the rights of women to vote, and have abortions.....  and use birth control lets move forward as humanes not backward as most religions seem to be doing as we speak ....... <3 <3 <3 

Well there was same sex marriage in California and that was taken away. The fact though that the rights were not given in the first place, only makes it even worse. 


Let's be clear on something.. Gay marriage isn't preventing anyone else from getting married. Just because Ellen DeGeneres gets married it won't prevent my mother from marrying a second time. 

I take it you are aware that what's being said about gay marriage was once said about inter-racial marriage..We see how inaccurate that was...

People who choose the gay lifestyle do have the same rights (since I'm black the whites ones have more but that's another story).  Not one piece of legislation is geared to take the rights of homosexuals away from them. Marriage was established btw a man and a woman looooooog before homosexuals decided they wanted to marry too and that has nothing to do with "rights" but acceptance. 

Being gay is not a choice.

When marriage was established, we had bigger issue to worry about. The fact that we cannot marry; only illustrates that there is a law geared exclusively to heterosexuals.

Equality means, equal treatment. For equal treatment to be feasible the same rights and privileges need to be available for all parties. That means homosexuals should be able to marry who they love, should be able to serve openly in the army, should be able to donate blood etc. 

All you are doing here is trying to justify bigotry and you can't; because there is no logical justification for it. And btw marriage when it was first established was un-religiosu loooooong before theistic faiths got their hands on it. 

I'm finished with this times it was fun.


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