Is it religions fault that the discrimination against the GLBT exists?

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No, I don't think so. There is a great deal of evidence that it is related to low IQ. Many heterosexual people find the idea of gay sex distasteful just as many gay people find the idea of straight sex distasteful. This is just the normal reaction to thinking about sex with someone you do not find sexually attractive.  Intelligent people realise that this reaction is all to do with them and nothing to do with the opposite sexuality and knowing this makes them reject the notion that gay sex is actually distasteful.  Less intelligent people may feel that their own reactions are all the evidence they need to say something is wrong. Religion encourages them to believe they are right in this and gives them the excuse to say this openly.

I agree that discrimination against GLBT people is down to the sanction of religions. If there was no justification for this attitude then more people would feel ashamed of any homophobic thoughts they may have and reason with themselves about it.

Clearly because in history there are plenty of examples where it existed and was not treated with the contempt that the crazy god worshippers seem to have for it now.

It is interesting that whilst male homosexuality gets lambasted from all fronts, there is an enormously enthusiastic heterosexual porn market for showing lesbian sex.  I have not come across any women who find man on man "action" to be erotic although there may well be a few. 

It seems to me that the male of the species is more predatory in seeking sexual encounters and acknowledge that in other males.  Homophobic comments include such expressions of "backs to the wall" warnings, as if the homosexual male will attempt to penetrate the heterosexual man sexually.  That gives rise to physical fear, and consequently repulsion.  The female is generally seen as more passive in encounters - for example the guy asks the girl to dance, to date, etc. so  there is less threat perceived in that gender. 

The religious groups are appealing to basic (fear) emotions to garner support for their doctrines - in order to align with a primitive fear they provide biblical reasons to support the fear and turn it into a verbalisable argument. We have all seen the contradictory quotes in the bible, it is clearly not because of a God that these people hate homosexuals - hate is almost always based in fear.


Of course there will be some women that find man on man action to be stimulating.  I have known a girl who admitted this to me - she enjoyed gay porn.  

2 is better than one, right?  :P

@Mz Strega..

More then a few years ago, I worked at newspaper shop here in MN, that along with selling comic books, sports cards, magazines, and of course newspapers, also sold porn vids and magazines. We had a 50/50 mix of male and female workers there.. Until I worked there, I never knew a woman who got into the gay male porn. Granted, that was just one of the women there...

In Japanese pop culture they have things like shounen ai (I think that literally means boy love) which are generally graphic novels that depict males being affectionate with males.  It's not necessarily sexual or what we would refer to as romantic, but often is.  Primary readership seems to be female.  There are other variations on the same thing which reach different levels of sexual explicitness such as yaoi and june.

My description is probably a bit inaccurate ( think I a couple terms might be perfect synonyms), but I think I have the gist of it.   Point being, man on man action targeted at female audiences.

I think religion is why there's discrimination against the GLBT community, however I don't think religion is the foundation for the rejection of homosexuality in all cultures. I think different cultures view homosexuality in different ways. I don't think there'd be any serious discussion of homosexuality in this culture if the GLBT community didn't bring it to the forefront by demanding "rights."  I think people (religious or otherwise) would not agree with it for "religious" reasons (using the bible as the basis of their decision) in this culture, but I don't think they'd attack it as they have since it became an open "social" issue. 

I also think this is not the case in other cultures where "homosexuality" is viewed differently, mainly not sexually or pleasure seeking, (appealing to the same area of the brain as materialism), but an anomaly of Nature. 

Oh, yes, all those 'special rights...' Like being able to walk down the street holding hands with the person they love, share their commitment to each other in a legally and publicly legitimate way without risking their jobs, their lives, raise an adopted child with them, have that person be with them in the hospital, inherit their property.

Geez, you're right, how dare they! Why can't they just pretend to be like everyone else? If they'd just accept that they are second class citizens, no one would get upset with them! Next thing you know, colored people will be asking for the equal rights! And women will want to vote! Disgraceful! 

You are a bigot.

Do you know in some African countries men walk down the street holding hands but they don't sleep together.  Somehow in a society that feels they are "boundless", this feeling of male bonding may get confused with the culture's need for power and dominance over others and their own "boundless" pleasure. (which emanates from the mammalian brain, the largest and least resistant of all three brains.)

And please don't equate racial equal rights with homosexuality. Equal rights for "black" people affects ALL people's rights equally.  Homosexuality does not apply to ALL people.  Mith, "COLORED PEOPLE?"  Are you saying white folks "colored" them or what? 

But what do I know?

Not equate equal racial rights with equal rights for sexual preference? That's a ludicrous statement. Equal rights for ALL people affects ALL people, period, full stop. The very same arguments that attempt to justify discrimination against homosexuality were used to justify discrimination against women, against blacks, against atheists. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, queer, straight, male, female, trans, whatver, equal rights are equal rights. Equality is NOT 'special rights.'

 And if you couldn't tell that my use of the term 'colored people' was SARCASM, I don't think we are even speaking the same language. I stand by my assessment; you are a bigot.

When were equal rights for sexual preference ever removed? Oh now you call me a here we go down that road.

Did you know that in Roman times before Christianity, same sex marriage was actually legal in Greece and Rome? Then along came Christianity and screwed everything all up, with their religious ideals. Thats all this one man and one woman rubbish is btw, its a religious idea. A religious ideal I reject. 

So rights were taken away when religion dominated.


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