Is it religions fault that the discrimination against the GLBT exists?

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"the Greeks even advocating men having sex with young boys."

Mammals frequently use sexual acts as a form of dominance. Have you ever had your leg humped by a dog? Or a better question is have you ever had your leg humped by a female dog?

As I see it there are two types of behavior that are classified as homosexual. One is the sexual abuse aspect which I do not consider as exclusive to being gay. The other is being born Gay.

I would argue that most of the fear stems from religions being unable to distinguish the two groups from one another. 

having sex with children is pedophilia and has nothing  to do with being Gay.  men having sex with children is a crime and abusive. being gay  is loving being attracted to the opposite sex  from birth and being in consensual relationships.  

Teens = children. My grandmother married at 14 to my 19 year old grandfather (both deceased) 100 years ago. They were married 55+ years.By today's standards she would be a child and he would be a pedophile. Got to take this "children" comment in perspective.

Are you saying that it is generally perceived that there are two types of homosexual behavior, or that you think there are two types?

I don't think sexual abuse should be classified under homosexuality at all. A person's sexual orientation (homo or hetero) has nothing to do with sexual abuse. It is abuse only when one person is forcing their self on another.

I think the fear stems from people thinking homosexuality is "yucky". I think the authors in the Bible who decided homosexuality was an abomination were turned-off by the idea, and thought they should condemn it officially in a book of rules.

I think it's a distinction problem and a cultural message of "ewww that's weeeird!!!" There's a hypothetical-situation meme floating around the internet (even here on Think Atheist) that asks if it's wrong for a brother and sister to secretly have sex. They use birth control, so there's no worry about reproducing a potentially genetically dysfunctional child, and no one but them will ever know. Most people insist it's wrong, but they have trouble articulating why. They come up with lots of rationalizations, but are mainly incapable of giving a good reason. It's just... wrong. It feels wrong. They don't like thinking about it. It's "gross."

People seem incapable of moving past preconceived, cultural biases. It's all about how something makes us feel. They don't ask why they feel that way. It's too uncomfortable to even consider these notions are anything but immoral. But... their feelings are simply wrong. Homosexuality is not sexual abuse. If males dominate females through a sex act, that is just as wrong as a man dominating another man or boy in a sex act. If it's non-consensual, it's wrong. Yes, sexual domination happens in nature as well, but that doesn't make it okay. That's the naturalistic fallacy. We try to be better and more considerate of others; we're trying to consciously evolve past our animalistic urges to something more enlightened and altruistic.

Catholicism, perhaps, but perhaps not all religions.

Perhaps Islam?

in general lack of education is a problem and can cause homophobia but look at pope and imams. they are ready sent you to hell just because you dont share their nelifs opinions and you allowed to promote your sexuality. 

I agree with your statement that homophobia is a lack of education and I add (  fear ..... ) 

I think he means un-fit in the natural selection, "survival of the fittest" sense, i.e., the "fittest" is the one who is most likely to pass on his/her genetic material. He could probably have phrased it better, but I don't think any malice or prejudice was intended.

Is murder a fit trait? 

No, murder is not a fit trait - it's not even a trait - it's a behavior.  If you are here just to troll then I hope you do not become well fed.

but it still exist just like homosexuality which is also a behavior.  Oh and murderers, like homosexuals, have traits.. You can call me a troll if I fit YOUR definition. 

Since behaviors are learned, you'd need someone to teach it to you. Supposed for a moment a boy grows up in a conservative Catholic home, goes to church every Sunday, and is told that homosexuality is a sin... 

How is it that they can still be gay? After all there's no one there to teach them the behavior... 


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