If you are christian or religious at all you believe  that god is all powerful and all knowing and that god has a plan for you in your life and maybe even the next.

So isn't praying and asking god for things or to change something or intervene in any way questioning gods plan? is it saying that gods plan is flawed and that you want god to change it?

I kinda think so. I don't really have any religious friends to ask, so I ask you

I just think if you are going to believe that stuff and you are going to believe that god is all powerful and all knowing and that god has a plan for you then isn't praying and asking god to change anything questioning gods will and plan?

You can't question god in any way, thats not how it works! God is in control and can't be questioned in any way at all or there is no point to any of it at all!

Well let me know what you think

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but if god wants you to know god will let you know. Also I think you misunderstood what I was asking/saying. When you ask for something or ask to change something...like, oh god let me get this job or plz god get me out of jail lol dont let my friend die....plz god help me get more money.

Anything like this is asking for more then god has given you, so that is in effect questioning the plan this god has for you and asking to have it changed to YOUR liking. It is nothing but human greed and selfishness.

If a family member is going to die, you should not be sad in any way, they are going to heaven they are going to be rewarded in death. So it is a good passing. If I KNEW and truly BELIEVED in god and heaven I would welcome any death that would come for after I would be in this great heaven god has for me. Only those who are UNSURE of what is to come FEAR death!

If my all powerful all knowing god that has a plan for me doesn't give me the things I want in life then it is for a good reason and asking this god to change it is an insult to this god and is in effect telling this god that they got it wrong.

God can NEVER be wrong in any way...or its not GOD!

EVERYTHING that happens as it happens is gods will or it just wouldnt be!
God can change anything god could have made anything in ANY WAY god WANTED! So god DID
What IS is exactly what god wants.... what kind of god makes a world and people that goes against everything this god stands for and has planned out?!

That would be like buying a Geo cuz I want to go mud riding!

I know I kinda went off here. But my point is, if you believe in a god, you can't question this god in any way or ask god to change anything at all.

If you don't get that job, god didnt want you to, if your dad dies of cancer then god wanted your dad to die of cancer and you have to THANK GOD for making cancer and then giving it to your dad cuz gods plan is wiser then you could ever understand! LOL
I think you're approaching this in too rational a manner. LOL
good answer
You sounded like George Carlin at the beginning, check him out on youtube he got your answers about religion.
I am well aware of the late great Carlin!
Heh you should know then. It's always the same.

I sometimes ask my Muslims friends "uhm..you do realize none of your prayers are answered right?" it's always something like "we didn't say prayers will be answered all the time, maybe God will, maybe not, maybe in the future".

And always this thing about damning other people, I'm not sure what it's called in English or Christianity, but in Islam if you say something like "man I hope Allah kills that motha****"
some crybaby will jump in and say, "man don't say that, it might come back to you, you know!". How dense can a person be?
I think people have missed the point of what i was saying and asking, but its ok

i just hold people to what they believe

if you believe god is all powerful and all knowing and has a higher plan for you, then you cant ask god to change things, thats just a slap to gods face if you ask me
reason and religion are not friend and they do not hang out in the same places.

I feel the same about when people get mad at god for something. If you believe in god then you believe god has a reason for everything so even if your life is horrible and painful and is just going to end in a bad way, like having cancer or something, then THAT is what GOD WANTS. No theist has ANY right to be angry at god what so ever, god knows better, so shut the fuck up and THANK him for your cancer, thank god that some priest touched your kid, god wanted it! God can stop ANYTHING that happens, god created EVERYTHING even rape! You cant blame anything on the devil because god made the devil KNOWING EXACTLY what the devil would do in the first place!

god knows how this is all going to turn out, god knew b4 the world was even created! lol so what the hell is the point of any of this?

god can do anything, yet god choose to do ALL THIS and for NO apparent reason

thats why i cant respect ANY theist what so ever
This kind of logical thinking can lead to deconversion. This part of the "deconversion" you tube series that I posted last week discuesses your question in detail from the eyes of a believer. Check it out. (You should watch the whole series if you have time. It's good)

well thanks, but i dont know. i think i have watched enough youtube videos on religion and i know what believers think about it
But you asked us to discuss this issue of whether or not prayer is asking god to change his divine plan to suit our needs. I think the video offers some insight into this particular dilemma when a christan faces it rationally with an open mind. But if you don't want to watch it then there's really nothing more I can contribute here. : /


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