I've never ever, even since I was a small child, understood the idea that we're supposed to have some special reverence for people who were born in our own country.  I simply can't figure out any way that patriotism is any better than racism.  It seems to me to be nothing more than discrimination.  I also find it a bit ironic that the whole supposed theme of christianity is brotherly love, yet it seems that the more christian a person is, the more they are likely to be patriotic.  Am I missing something?  Is there an aspect of patriotism that is in fact morally noble?

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I find patriotism to be utterly ridiculous. Boarders are created by psychotics who have a desire to control other people. When you look at the earth are there dotted lines everywhere?
People are all human. That is the only thing that is important. The accident of birthplace is a completely stupid thing to be proud of and has no significance on the contribution you do or do not make to the cause of humanity other than through the social pressure you experience.

Patriotism is state encouraged and is a control tool to create Xenophobia when it suits the elite.
It may look like nothing but it can be used to to whip up people into xenophobic frenzy. Hitler did it and the Bush administration did it. It's used to justify the war in Iraq and its used to shoot down and ostracism anybody who argues against the war or in fact anything the state does.

How can I be proud of my Nations achievements and what it stands for when I had absolutely nothing to do with those things. In fact Even if I wanted to change the way things are done it would be all but impossible to do any more than create the slightest dent in the Armour.

We are all of one world, boarders are simply fences to keep the farm animals under control.


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