I just came across some very interesting read. (Westeners forgive me if you have already came across or participated in this project-  I know of no one in South Africa who has)  The read was about the Mars One Project. It seems there are about 202 000 people who have already volunteered to take part!

Is Science giving us another home away from this planet? What are predictions of life in Mars? Is Mars stable enough with resources to cater for a 6billion odd of us humans,including other species like domestic animals (for our proteins, obviousloy)? How about plant life, marine life.

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It might be alot easier to move Mars nearer to Earth, than to move all of us 'there'. Sadly Mars does not have much of a magnetic field to keep an atmosphere stable and as a radiation shield.

Fixing Earth, could also be alot easier, than terra-forming Mars.

Moving to Mars, given how 'nice' Earth is still, would be much worse. Anyway, I like not needing a space suit just to look at geology, or the stars.

Of course the adventure might be a real turn on! 

I'm not going.

Was it something I said? ;p)

On the other hand, it would be like the 'old west' or 'Dune', with all kinds of new toys, and may be indiginous 'locals' that are mostly uninterested in our dramas.

It might be nice to be desperate, some place else, for a change.  

Was it something I said? ;p)

Nay...I was in this bar in Houston TX once and hooked up with this Martian chick in the back room (where they kept the beer) it was just plain weird those gals are just put together wrong.  So I'm not in hurry to go there, even tho she said I could stay at her place if I was ever in the area.

I have 'known' my share of 'unusual' people, I have to say that a few might have had minor cybrog modifications, but nothing really out-there...

It might be that really neat folks, are not really very out going. You know, one's eating habits could attract the wrong type of attention.


And no one is coming back, it's a one way trip. 200,000 volunteers. 


One appropriately sized asteroid can/will render our planet uninhabitable. The idea of raining Mars with ammonia asteroids has more than one good reason for serious consideration. Changing Mars into a hospitable biosphere makes much more sense if our objectives are long term.

One appropriately sized asteroid can/will render our planet uninhabitable.

Apophis is coming.

Imagine if a group of doomsday religious crackpots got hold of the technology to change the orbital path of giant asteroids and deliberately slammed one into Earth.

That's a pleasant thought (not).  However at the rate we're going we will probably wear the planet out and make it uninhabitable long before it gets hit by a planet killer asteroid.

Given the lack of a magnetosphere, I don't think Mars ever had any sort of life based on DNA. At least none that ever lived on the surface.

Mind opening@ Gallup's Mirror.

Lets look at this from another angle. Does the rest of the universe eally deserve to have mankind inflicted upon it any further by expanding beyond earth ? Imagine religion being taken out there, corporate bosses, egotisticaland violently inclined military, and most vile of all our greedy selfish narcissistic politicians.

I am all for advancement of science and engineering, I think marvels are performed every day but sadly on the back of that comes the slush and pig slurry I mentioned above. Solve the slush and pig slurry problem and THEN go for it.

As a physiologist I would like to make the observation that human beings are very ill equiped for life beynd the modest envelope we inhabit. To venture into space we need radiation resiliant sight and gonads, we need muscles that do not degenerate when away from gravity/stress, more effecient lungs and better blood pumps to mention a few things.


Judith vd R.


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