I am curious how most Atheists view marriage? It is largely seen as a religious act. Should non believers participate in marriage?

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first thing we need to answer is why people actually get married for? To have kids, yes thats right. Now many of us will say, hows marriage and having kids make logic. Marriage is a social activity where as having kids is a biological one. I think our ancestors must have noticed  bonded parents are better  for all round development of their kids. I am not sure whether there is any research done in this area to signify the importance of  married parents for a kid. Well now to bring in the act of marriage into mainstream our predecessors must have used medium of religion. Eventually i think marriage has more to do with morality than religion similar to 7 sins  which have nothing to do with religion.
When my wife and I got married we had no plans for kids, and this is still the case. Plus there are plenty out there with kids outside a marriage. Maybe to the uber religious, that may be a reason to get married. But I don't really feel like it is for most others. To me it's about love and commitment. Nothing more.

Yes, I was raised to believe that marriage was about love and commitment and I still believe that.  As a young catholic woman they tried to brainwash me into believing it was also the only venue for sex, reproduction, and parenthood.  Ah, religion.


As an adult, I see marriage has quite a few legal and social benefits too.

Wow.  Way to throw the single parents to the curbside.  And what about those of us who cannot or will not reproduce--we marry too!?
Love is individual...symbolize it anyway you wish...no one individual or group holds anchor to its course, regardless of claim or social programming.

No one should participate in marriage.


Unless of course you look around at your life and are more than willing to part with half of your friends and belongings.

That's a very good question! I would be curious to know, what kind of marriage ceremony (and the vows, if any) are performed in an Atheists Marriage Ceremony? In particular, Sweden comes to mind, since I understand there are so many atheists there.

They can be fairly traditional and often mimic traditional church ceremonies for the most part. It's just that there aren't prayers and the vows don't mention god. Instead they are about the couple and what's important to them. Some may include some science bits. Poetry readings are popular. Some people including pagan elements like hand fasting, ring warming or candles.


Here are some atheist wedding vows:



A secular ceremony is 100% up to the couple. You can mimic a religious ceramony or you can make it as fun or informal as you want. In ours, we played with the format some, rings (Celtic in design) at the very beginning at the back of the hall (medieval tradition) and walked her to the from, we had poetry readings, hand-fasting, vows of our own writing (I even made a touching/humorous mention of astronomy/nuclear fusion in mine) and selected our own music (came in to a slowish Celtic instrumental and left to the Carmen Overture).

No mention of god, no church, but still beautiful.

Sounds lovely!!!
Thanks! :)
I'm surprised Atheist are allowed to marry :) I find spending the rest of your life with one person to be

extremely unrealistic. I am a women of my word. I don't see it as religious act. To me it's just a way to have the government acknowledge your union. It is what you make of it. You can't let other people define your life. 


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