I have about three hundred people on my facebook.
No, I'm not living a lie.
 The vast majority of them are academic associates I've met in my travels, or people with the same hobbies. Not friends. We don't grab coffee on the weekends  and we aren't pen pals or anything, but they are folks that I'd like to be able to get in contact with at a moments notice. 
There are also people that fall into the gray area of "How do I tell them no when they send me a friend request?" 
Like my boss. 
Like my exes. 
Like people I used to be friends with, but I'm not any more.

I just did a purge and moved all these people over to a limited profile list. They can no longer see my posts, feeds or status updates. 
Is this the new un-friending? 
What's your thoughts and opinions? 
How has facebook changed your social interactions?
Ready? Discuss!

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I haven't setup any major 'profile limiting' - but I've been using lists for quite awhile to manage who can see specific things.
I had an old friend put me on limited profile view. I de-friended her.

I keep my settings on "Ninja" and am not easily found on Facebook. People cannot send me a friend request, which is the way I prefer it in order to keep out co-workers and others that I do not wish to have as friends on Facebook. Not that they are not good people or I don't like them. That is not always the case, but the nature of relationships differ from person to person and situation to situation. Homogenizing them on Facebook is not a good idea, in my opinion.

Differing levels of friendship status on Facebook is not a bad idea, really. I like that if I chose to do so, that I could only share personal photos with people who are closer to me. But, I have tried to get away from sharing too much on there these days anyway. And the girl who limited me as a friend is French and lives in Paris. I knew her for one summer when I was a teenager.

From time to time, I go through and purge "friends" who are no longer really friends and I have no interactions with even on Facebook. And a lot of "in-laws" I do not Friend on Facebook. I like having that distance where they are not privy to my political and religious views. It makes the holidays run a whole lot smoother, I suspect. I'll probably never have over 100 friends on Facebook and I am just fine with that.
I'll probably never have over 100 friends on Facebook and I am just fine with that.

Me too, I am more of a quality over quantity type of person.
It's more of a niche hobbyist type thing, I think. World travelers tend to go where their friends have gone. This sort of updated the tradition of passing information down by word of mouth. I met tons of people in Thailand and can now give advice to their friends just arriving in countries I used to live in, and I can get information about countries I might be considering visiting.
Same works for the scuba diving community. Sure, I might have only known them on a four day dive trip, but I can get info on their local dive spots when I'm thinking about vacationing in that area. If I met someone from Florida and someone from Costa Rica on the same vacation dive boat we were all on in Spain, I can email them both for more information about their local waters, and plan my next vacation based on first person living experience.
I'm sure a lot of people with like interests but very limited communities do this. Dive community..expat community....Skateboarding community?? Hmmm....
For that sort of purpose, I can understand having a thousand friends (or 300). I have thought about making a page just for networking with a more professional (versus personal) gloss for colleagues, people in my industry, businesses, etc. I just don't have the energy to do it, though.
I have 140 "friends" on fb and it is really a mixed bag. There are actual friends and family, and people who are just acquaintances, then some I don't really know at all.

It is a pretty diverse group. I really don't engage in to much political or religious discussions there, because it is going to offend people I do care about. Unfortunately lots of other people do, and It's hard not to drop subtle comments now and then. Anyway, I should probably "cull the herd" too, so to speak. But I'm procrastinating...

Wanna be my friend?
I allow everyone the chance to get pissed off at me on facebook.
Me too. I mean, I'm BRUTAL.
Not too many people take the bait anymore, though. :(
I think you ought to be able to parcel out what each 'group' of friends can see. Just as in life there are things you can talk or share with some people that you couldn't or wouldn't with others.... (adults vs children for the simplest examply)

I have a lot of friends and I many times risk offending some of them with my blunt comments across the spectrum.

I have very few friends I could or would share 'EVERYTHING' with but that doesn't mean I want to eliminate everyone else.

I think its ok to limit what each individual can see. Its what we do in everyday life...so why should facebook be any different?
I clear my FB friends list on a monthly basis, or whenever I have to Rage... I lead a sad life.
I always press two for Spanish. Even if my Spanish is poor, I can navigate through it. Or when someone posts a stupid comment like "This is America, speak English", I begin to post back to them in Spanish. It is quite fun.


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