I have about three hundred people on my facebook.
No, I'm not living a lie.
 The vast majority of them are academic associates I've met in my travels, or people with the same hobbies. Not friends. We don't grab coffee on the weekends  and we aren't pen pals or anything, but they are folks that I'd like to be able to get in contact with at a moments notice. 
There are also people that fall into the gray area of "How do I tell them no when they send me a friend request?" 
Like my boss. 
Like my exes. 
Like people I used to be friends with, but I'm not any more.

I just did a purge and moved all these people over to a limited profile list. They can no longer see my posts, feeds or status updates. 
Is this the new un-friending? 
What's your thoughts and opinions? 
How has facebook changed your social interactions?
Ready? Discuss!

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I don't use it. Is it really that necessary?
I love it for sharing with my kayaking friends. We plan our weekend trips on it, then everyone shares their videos and pictures on it afterwords. Plus a lot of fun comments get thrown around in between. But sometimes the status posts get annoying. Certain religious friends can't seem to restrain from posting about how great Jesus is all the time.
I'm happy wherever this discussion ends up.
No worries about thread hijacking on THIS thread. It's rather frivolous, anyway.

I don't always post opinion comments or anything, but I do post links.. many of them from TA. I've got a lot of friends who don't claim to be atheist still agreeing with atheist opinions, and that's part of the battle won. I do say a lot of inflammatory things when I post on my cousin's page, well... because it's fun. He's very politically connected, a journalist and has a wide following. He's also a gay atheist, and people take the bait from him even less than they do me. :)
being that my social interactions are very limited in real life to begin with I could really care less about how they are affected by facebook... I mean today was the first time in a few months I posted any sort of status update, and received no response to it... pretty much the norm...

I have all my fundamentalist baptist family members on a very limited profile.  Can't have them seeing the real me--liberal, queer, atheist.  The limited profile has apparently offended my Grandmother, who needs to be all up in my business.  She's been complaining to other family members and it just got back to me last time we visited.  She actually said something to me about it, to which I had no polite reply.  She's also PMed me asking why my status says I'm online when I don't reply to her right PMs away.  I'm feeling a bit cyber stalked!  If I could un-friend her, I would.  It's just not right for a 68 year old to be so savvy with social networking.  Cheese and rice!


Edit:  Oh, this post is dated.  I tend to do that a lot.  Oh, well.  Sorry for the bump.

No worries. These things don't have expiration dates! :)
man I need to play around with facebook more! I didn't know you could do that. I just got through deleting a couple family members for preaching to much.If you move then will you still be able to see there posts? I don't care if they see mine, I just don't wanna see there's. Hasn't changed mine much. I come here as much as there and I like it here more.
You can "ignore" friends' updates without removing them.
I'm the camp of, "If I feel the need to hide things from you, I'm unfriending you." I just don't believe in that middle-of-the road thing. But I use my facebook for personal stuff. If I feel like I'd have to censor myself in front of you in real life, I'm not going to have you as a friend on facebook. But, different people use it for different things, so.... there ya go. :D


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