Is life just one large effect from one gigantic cause? Speaking in terms of the universe as a whole.

Is life just one large effect from one gigantic cause? Speaking in terms of the universe as a whole.

Can our small impact on the universe help create another cause that leads to an opposite effect or is it just part of the ongoing effect from an original cause?

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I think it depends on where you are standing and which way you are facing at the time.
every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. - Newton's law of motion.
But does it in fact have a opposite equal effect to the cause. can one cause create a substantially bigger reaction? Can a action create a multi directional reaction?

"every action has an equal and opposite reaction"

but i am sure you meant action not reaction.
It is what it is...
"Life is the result of complex chemistry." - Neil deGrasse Tyson
Is there possibly more to life than simple chemistry?

I have never been interested in quotes from famous or notable people in history. I do use them sometimes but never in a discussion like this.
Actually, I'm wondering if I understood your question correctly.

You throw a stone into still water and the ripples spread outwards. The stone hitting the water is the initial cause -- relative to our perspective, the origin of our universe --, and the ripples are effects of that cause radiating out in a causal wave.

Are we just part of that bigger causal rippling, or are we capable of being smaller stones that create our own ripples in the already existing pattern? That is how I understood the question, but I'm not entirely certain that I'm on the same wavelength as you.
Hmm, that free will question pops up again...
It seems to have that implication, but I suppose that's where I get to wondering how well I actually understood the original question.

Personally, I believe in perceptual free will, and that's about it. All of my choices in life have been subject to causality. I don't necessarily know the exact nature of those causal forces.
If all of your choices are based on a cause that originates outside of yourself then what free will to you really have. You may have the free will to choose the direction but does the cause limit you in anyway to that direction and are you able to create a direction without a cause?
Perceptual free will, as I stated.
I don't believe in the term perceptual free will. I wouldn't even call that a real term. You are getting into more of a discussion about reality and perception. That is a topic that none will fully agree on as reality is what you make it, your perceptual view of the world can only be defined by yourself. This topic is best left for another discussion as my view on the world is much different than others.


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