SEOUL, March 30 (Reuters) - North Korea said on Saturday it was entering a "state of war" with South Korea in a continuing escalation of tough rhetoric against Seoul and Washington after coming under international sanctions for its nuclear test.

"From this time on, the North-South relations will be entering the state of war and all issues raised between the North and the South will be handled accordingly," a statement carried by the North's official KCNA news agency said. (source)

Experts on CNN were saying that what's happening is really spurred by the North Korean military not the young Kim Jong Un. They also say it's mostly for internal consumption, trying to make the new leader look strong and forceful to a society that still reveres age. Internally, he has been demoting and firing top military officers. It may be that, through him, the most hard of the hard liners in the military are consolidating their power.

The military experts on CNN said that they doubted North Korea would follow up on any of its threats against the U.S. or South Korea. In fact, they'd be crazy. Why? Because they'd lose, despite having the fourth largest army in the world. And they could hardly expect much help from China. North Korea is pretty much a drag on the Chinese economy, with North Korea needing to suck at their teat due to the fact that its economy is a total shambles. 

And why would China want to see the U.S. defeated, what with the steady flow of cash from here to there due to all the American debt China owns. The U.S. is their golden goose right now. 

China is so pissed off and North Korea that for the first time ever they have joined in with international sanctions against North Korea. 

All that said, North Korea is making strides in terms of ballistic missile development, so they will be more of a worry in the future.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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From father to Un, the fat fuck is indeed nuts. I just feel sorry for the average North Korean caught up in this group-think derangement. A precision strike on chubby cheeks would be great, but if it comes to it, he will be hiding in his bunker while his country (I say country, I really mean factory farm) and starving people are hit hard.

Having said all that it's more than likely just posturing for power by stirring up the sheep's animal nationalism. 

A recent Washington Times article covered a seldom-discussed threat against the U.S. A threat potentially much more devasting than lobbing a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead toward Hawaii or even Los Angeles:

In summer 2004, a delegation of Russian generals warned the Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Commission that secrets had leaked to North Korea for a decisive new nuclear weapon — a Super-EMP warhead.

Any nuclear weapon detonated above an altitude of 30 kilometers will generate an electromagnetic pulse that will destroy electronics and could collapse the electric power grid and other critical infrastructures — communications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water — that sustain modern civilization and the lives of 300 million Americans. All could be destroyed by a single nuclear weapon making an EMP attack.

A Super-EMP attack on the United States would cause much more and much deeper damage than a primitive nuclear weapon, and so would increase confidence that the catastrophic consequences will be irreversible. Such an attack would inflict maximum damage and be optimum for realizing a world without America.

How can a god be nuts?

He's nuts.

He's young and new to the position of leader of his country, so he is trying to earn the respect of his citizens.  My 13 year old understands global politics better than Kim Jong Un, and I'm certain that anything he tries outside of his borders will be stopped, and will probably lead to his own destruction.  I'm not sure he knows that, though.

Maybe South Korea saw the hit West Germany took when the wall came down and they had to deal with the East's basket case economy and workers who didn't have the same work ethic as the Westerners. For a while, it was a mess. So, even if the Koreas signed a peace treaty, I don't think the South would want a one-Korea solution. An open border would be appreciated. 

I don't think it'll happen anyway, an influx of South Koreans through an open border would soon expose to the citizens of the North the horseshit they've been fed for 60 years.

I also think they in the South feel safer with American troops on their soil. It allows them to maintain a smaller army so that more citizens can work productively. The North maintains the fourth largest Army in the world. An army is a drag on an economy and soldiers aren't workers. 

You wanna know my thoughts? It's that anyone going by the name of Un-anything, or anything-Un, automatically falls into that classification --

Nate, he is teasing UNseen...

I make fun of all names - think of me as an equal-opportunity ridiculer --

Further, you know nothing of my knowledge of Korea. Happy Easter, Nate!

True, fartyoperyx.

He is a bloke with new, and huge powers, and it has gone to an appendage.

He, as new leader, must show this power to his flock, not that he will actually do anything with it.
@Nate Exactly - this is the overriding reason he won't do anything, 75% of his flock dead, no riding around in limo's anymore, no thousands waiting at the roadside with their flags, falling at his feet in ecstasy, no girls on call, and the worst of all no food for his well laden table.

Nate also hit it on the head, where would all the refugees go but to South Korea.

He is just showing these poor, controlled people what he could do - he will simply slap appendage on table.

The only person to win out of this stupidity is Kim John Un.

uhhh, Yes.

I'm not confident that he could be raised as the grandson of a 'god' and turn out even close to sane.  That being said, if he decided to invade South Korea it would probably be his for the taking.  The western world will not stand behind a nuclear attack on Pyongyang and the NK military would not be an easy force to slow down otherwise.

During my lifetime, each time the topic of war comes up I hear all the rubes talking about precision 'surgical' strikes and 'immediate dominance' on the battlefield - yet the west still has soldiers dying in Afghanistan and nobody even remembers why we went there.

A war with North Korea would make Afghanistan look like a water fight.  NK has a huge professional army of soldiers who believe their leader is a god.  Their people have been pumped with anti-western rhetoric that likely has them thinking they'll all be raped and tortured, possibly being forced into same sex marriages, should the west ever take control of their lands.  It would be a terrifying land to occupy and controlling the population would be about as likely as walking into an Evangelical Mega-Church and converting the entire congregation to Atheism with one sermon.

Mr. Un may be nuts, but he is also capable of unleashing a horrible catastrophe that doesn't end well for anyone.


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