As most of us already know Pat Robertson is an a** and in this video he suggests that it's ok for a man to divorce his wife who is so far gone into Alzheimer's that she doesn't even know him anymore.


Personally I find this a despicable and cowardly thing to do but is it that wrong? If he makes sure that she is receiving proper care is it ok for him to move on?

I am not convinced it's ok but an interesting ethical question none the less and I would love to here what my fellow unbelievers think.

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When my wife and I wed 29+ years back, we promised to "love, honour, and support, in sickness and health" (quote from the ceremony).


Folks, this woman made me the person I am today.  Even in my worst nightmares, I could not conceive of abandoning (which is what it would be - dress it up any way you want, it's still freakin' abandoning) her at what would be her weakness. 

And about Pat Robertson? All of you are right.  (I swear I can feel brain cells dying every time I listen to that man!!) 


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