Some minds simply can not be argued with or made to see reason, we all know this too well. I admit that sometimes when I encounter a person like I don't come right out and agree but make it seem so so by showing interest or some such thing. I got to thinking that I shouldn't do this because it's dishonest but I also think that maybe it's necessary.

If you can't reach a person who is determined to reach you is it wrong to let them think you agree just to get away from a fruitless discussion?

How do you all handle a situation such as this?

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I just politely say "I'm sorry, I don't believe in that stuff, I'm not superstitious" and repeat it until they either change the topic or walk away. Superstition and religion are both based on the supernatural. You can't argue 'belief' with unreasonable people, if they were reasonable they wouldn't be religious.

I guess it depends on your relationship with the person. If you like them, maybe just say "I can't keep this up. I like you, but if we continue this conversation this way, at some point I am going to get angry. I don't want that, so let's just call it good."


If you don't like them, but you don't want to cause a fuss, then say "Look, I am not going to argue about this any more. I get your point, I disagree. Let's call it good and be done."


If you don't like them and want to cause a fuss... have fun, be safe and try not to get any on the people around you.

I agree. More often then not, if they are coming at you aggressively about it, it is because they want confirmation for the lies they try to convince themselves of. NEVER give it to them.

You're experiencing what is known as "The Spiral of Silence". This is a phenomenon that prevents discussion of opposing view points in social situations. No one wants to butt heads with someone they just met, and religion is a topic that can get people heated. If someone expresses an opinion that differs from ours most people's first reaction is to avoid a conflict. Therefore we say nothing. Or politely change the subject. Yet when we say nothing our controversial views stay controversial. You need to express yourself when you feel that the other person is developing an idea of you which is contradictory to your true self, even if it means getting into an argument. Yet sometimes when you're dealing with those minds who you say " cannot be argued with or made to see reason" it's better to keep your mouth shut. My advice: choose your battles, but don't be afraid to disagree if you feel that urge to express yourself.


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