hi all
lots of arabic think the usa is turning to be a big relgione country
what hurt me is i love the usa
and i belive its a freedom world ...
so can you help me understand about the usa a littel
i am thinking to go there some day
i want to feel free being a athiest


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The U.S. government respects the autonomy of all religions but is itself secular. The separation of church and state lets any and all religions prosper or fail on their own merit. However, Christians are, by far, the largest religious group.

Most Americans are raised to be tolerant of all religions but some, especially in the south and mid west, can be hostile to non-Christian religions. Religion (particularly Christiaity) is more visible and public in the mid-west and southern states (the Bible Belt). Large, metropolitan, cities usually don't have as much "in-your-face" religion. But overall, you can go just about anywhere and be free from religious scrutiny as long as you don't make a big issue of being non-Christian.
respect all religions is what matters
thank you
very nice
aha .. yes got you
I know there are many religions in the US .. but no one have the right to kill some one cause he is not religious
any way the laws in the US have nothing to do with the bible it self
as in our arabic world most our laws are depending on islam ??
like killing girls and women who had free sex ... with out married or had an affair
the killer can be any relative and he will be innocent .. cause its honor killing
girls if not killed will be put in jail !!!! even if pregnant ?
in Afghanistan and Eran they still stone women tell death if they were raped or had sex with out marrege

islam is one of the worse religious men ever made
and it was just made to insulting women
as you know arab before islam believed in a females goddess
they took that from females relgions ... so women were much pwoerful before islam
when bad mohamed made his ugly islam ... it was so clear he was trying hard
to damaged the female any kind
if they not agree with sharia .. why they not try to search to understand the real islam
its not only Islamic laws that are on reasonable ... its the quran it self that don't make any since
its built with hate to non muslims ... pushing muslims to fight non muslims
making so much hate to jew and Christiane
mohamed killed his uncles cause they didn't except Islam
a man who kills family never can be a human .. he is a monster
and muslims respect this monster and follow his road
I live in the USA.

It seems like it's generally acceptable to BE an atheist. But, to question religion is frowned upon.

But I don't care. I like being frowned upon. lol.
I don't know why lots of people like to make the usa look in bad situation ?
even the ones who live there
is it hate or jalousie I really don't understand why they do that
I been in the usa when i was a kid .. I have good memories that kept me loving the usa tell now
Avoid Texas and you will be fine. :)

Edit: Except for Austin.
lol I thought so my self ... thanks
The states in the Northeast have a higher atheist population than do states in the southeast. In the western states it varies. The majority of Americans are moderates. The rate of atheism seems to be growing by about 3 to 5% every decade and the majority of citizens aged 18 to 30 have no religious affiliation at all describing themselves as "spiritual" rather than "religious"

I was in London yesterday, part of "Protest the Pope" campaign. Must have been 10,-12,000 people marching against the pope's visit. It was terrific with great speeches at the entrance of Downing Steet (where our Prime Minister lives). Speakers were Professor Richard Dawkins (awesome) Peter Tatchell, an American woman who had been systematically abused by a priest. another woman whose mother found the priest abusing her 8yr old daughter and told her daughter to pray for him. The Vatican is refusing to open up its records and then hand them to the police for investigation and possible prosecution. I am sooo glad I made the journey.


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