hi all
lots of arabic think the usa is turning to be a big relgione country
what hurt me is i love the usa
and i belive its a freedom world ...
so can you help me understand about the usa a littel
i am thinking to go there some day
i want to feel free being a athiest


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Exactly. I'm in Indiana, so I'm definitely the minority. But.. I don't mind.
Our basic freedoms are not going any where soon. that being said, that doesn't stop the people from being biased.
plz fight for you lovely freedom world
we live cause we know the usa is a freedom world
I was talking about fighting in peaceful way lol
I mean to not let the government make laws that will make limits to freedom

war is so bad ...
the small town I live in is a little suffocating. everyone seems to be closed minded and prejudice. I hope to move far away one day. lol
hope for you too
You're still free to be an atheist here in the US.

In fact, even if you get stuck in a scary religious part of the US, I bet a lot of the religious nuts would see it as a good thing that you've renounced Islam, even if you haven't taken up their version of the god delusion to replace it. "I've renounced Islam and escaped to America!" - that should sound good to a redneck.

The good news is that the best parts of the US (for jobs, culture, fun) are often also the least religious. Who the hell wants to live in Mississippi anyway? (Sorry to anybody who loves Mississippi.)
that's what i want to know ... being safe
Even in my tiny redneck town I know other atheists. And even if I didn't, I am free to be an atheist without persecution if I want to.
you're so lucky for that
I've lived in several cities in Oregon and my boyfriend who is also an open atheist lived in Washington for msot of his life. Neither on of us have ever dealt with discrimination due to our atheism. Neither one of us have ever been in a position where revealing our atheism put us in any danger. About the worst anyone does here is give you a funny look or try to give you reasons why you should believe in god or they say I'll pray for you.
that's nice ... well in my arabic country they give me a mad scary look .. my dad told me when he knew
Noor do you know in islam we must kill you ???
i told him that's why i left islam i couldn't handle its violence to non muslims

thanks for telling your point of view so i can tell my arabic friends
because some who live in the usa trying hard to show us that its not freedom as we think


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