hi all
lots of arabic think the usa is turning to be a big relgione country
what hurt me is i love the usa
and i belive its a freedom world ...
so can you help me understand about the usa a littel
i am thinking to go there some day
i want to feel free being a athiest


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thank you so much .. that help me alot ... i am Christianity is more then islam
even though its a religion but islam is a very scary one
Yeah I've grown up in the Northeast - Maryland and Massachusetts are the places I've lived, and being non-religious is much more normal here, especially in the big cities - Philadelphia, New York, Boston, etc. You'd be very free here. :D

Many European countries like Italy, France, Finland, etc. have even higher percentages of atheists though. :D
hi there
yes in Europe they respect atheism
but muslims being big number there and that's so spoke
I mean spooky lol as oh scary
I think it might be the same reason that there are Jewish Atheists out there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_atheism

They might be in America or Europe but they don't want to give up Islam even though they don't really believe most of it because they are afraid of giving up their cultural heritage, it's defined their "people", their race, their family, etc. for forever and they don't want to break the tradition and lose their own identity too, it's how they've always considered themselves, "I am a Muslim girl" and to get rid of the Muslim part of that sentence would scare them, they don't know who they are if they're not Muslim.

I'm just speculating here though.
well , yes I know what you mean
when i left islam I cried for one week .. two years i didn't stop fasting in ramadan though i was non muslim
one year i was thinking oh maybe islam has some thing good
this year I got cleaned from every islamic thoughts
i feel so much better i am free i am human
i don't want to give my self any names i am never ever going to be slave
not to allah not to a man not to any religion or any men thoughts
i own my self i should be me

i feel sorry for muslims women ... i was one of them
i thank the universe for giving me a brain and a big heart

if you're a muslim i could help you to understand how islam destroyed women

any way happy to see you here
Read "A God Who Hates" by Wafa Sultan.
She is an Ex-Muslim woman who now lives in America and writes about the dangers of Islam.
yes i read for wafa sultan
what she says i already know
i will write a book my self as will

The feelings of giving up being a catholic are very much like this, because catholicism is based on fear. If you do this, you will go to hell.. if you eat meat on Friday, if you miss Mass, if you don't go to a priest to confess and then die you wil go to hell. That is how I was brought up. Yet ironically, we now find out that some of the priests were committing the most horrendous acts against children. I wrote a book called "Handcuffed to a Ghost" because having left the church, there was still this fear hanging over me until finally I got the handcuffs unlocked.. at the age of 50! It is a huge relief and worth waiting for!
thank you dear Adriana ... i would love to be in NY
i am in italy just to viset and go back to my country
and yes its a great nice country
thanks .. I love that
oh lol thats cool


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