Is it time for black folks to be more responsible with THEIR language?

Witness Rachel Jeantel — who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin moments before he was killed — was back on the stand on Thursday, again facing a grilling from George Zimmerman‘s defense attorney Don West. Alluding to yesterday’s testimony, West asked about Martin characterizing Zimmerman as a “creepy-ass cracker” — which Jeantel felt was not a racist remark.

West questioned Jeantel about why she felt the shooting was racial. Jeantel pointed to Martin’s description of “the person that was watching him and following him.” West repeated, “Describing the person is what made you think it was racial?” Jeantel agreed.

To that point, West recalled Jeantel’s previous testimony — during which she said Martin described Zimmerman as a “creepy-ass cracker.”

“So it was racial, but it was because Trayvon Martin put race in this,” West pressed. “You don’t think that’s a racial comment?”

Jeantel replied simply, “No.” (full article here)

We white folks have been trained not to say "nigger" to such a degree that it's even referred to as "the N word" most of the time. And yet it's in common usage within the black community on the street level. Generally speakiing, educated blacks would prefer the word went out of usage entirely and not just among white folks. 

"Cracker," it could be argued, is a nigger-word way of referring to white folks. Jeantel's testimony was a rare window into the way black people refer to white people when no white people are looking. 

Is it time for them to stop using both tems if only as a way of growing into full citizenship?

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