We're in a crazy period. Home values have been rising and "flipping" is starting up again in places like Miami and Las Vegas, today the stock market is going through the roof, setting a new record. The jobs report tells us that jobs are being created at a very slow pace and that new unemployment claims are down. 

At the same time, the new jobs don't pay as well as the jobs they are replacing and the income gap is wider than ever.

Is it time for a revolution?

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US Corporations exist to make money and become efficient. They do this by growing large and controlling their environment.

They become efficient by working toward the ultimate goal of employing no one. Of course, that's an impossible goal to finally reach, but the effort has greatly reduced the manpower needed to bring almost everything to the consumer. Things that used to be manufactured almost entirely by hand by American wage earners are now made by robots or near-slaves (the latter under the excuse of "free trade"). We now buy a large proportion of consumer goods online instead of from some mom and pop storefront or even from big box discounters (yes, Amazon is hurting Walmart bigtime and Sears is on its last legs). And if there's any way to deliver a product directly through a computer (books, software) that is now how its done. I think we've taken digital delivery of most of our aftermarket software for about a decade now, and last year was the first year that more books were delivered digitally than physically. Good news for trees; bad news for forest products workers and people working in bookstores.

Do you want more government or not, because if you want less expect the corporations to get even bigger.? Most barely pay taxes as it is now.

Their reply will be, "We pay our workers and they pay taxes. With the taxes we don't pay, we can hire more workers."

Corporations are in it to make a profit, the biggest one they can manage. Anytime a tax is levied against a corporation, it is immediately past on to their customers. So anytime I hear about people whining about corporations not paying taxes they don't seem to understand business IMO. Taxes are pretty much transparent to them. Besides think about who is actually going to pay for the taxes that the corporations are being charged? Like the government has tags and documents of all the stuff they claim to "own" where did they get that from, it didn't just drop out of the sky and they were the first to get to it. The people always gets the bill because they are the only one's that create real wealth. Corporation taxes are just another hidden tax on us.

Doesn't it bother anyone that some corporations are funding private, religion-based schools, and deducting their donations from what little taxes they do pay?

As far as understanding business goes....If you don't want the corporations to pay taxes, then change the law. Instead they hire flocks of lawyers and accountants to hide and relocate their earnings and they complicate the tax code till it's totally ridiculous. They don't add any value at all. If they didn't have to hide it, they could put it to work. All that cost gets added to the consumer. Then localities compete to bring businesses in by granting tax relief, they add a few shit jobs, jam up the infrastructure and shuffle the money elsewhere.

And that's quite a switch from the days when Walmart would sweep into a town amid fanfare of more jobs, and like my own small hometown, within a year, all of the locally-owned stores I grew up with were boarded up and out of business - Main Street looked like a ghost town.

Yes, it is time for a revolution, but people are not ready.  They are not nearly outraged enough.  And they are focused on the wrong things anyway. Too many people are focused on trying to manipulate the government into supporting their delusional superstitions by encouraging ignorance and not nearly enough people are concerned with supporting each other regardless of our differences.  After all the trials and tribulations this country has gone through to attain equal rights for women and all WAR we went through over slavery of non-white people, we STILL have women and non-whites trying to suppress the rights of gays for no reason other than their personal bigotries. Despite the overwhelming evidence in support of gun ownership, we still have people asking moronic questions like "well, why do you NEED a 20-round magazine?"Like we should only be allowed our personal liberties based on our "need" for them. These arguments are based on fear rather than actual evidence. It's moronic and disgusting, but the people of this country are way too sheepish for a revolution to manifest. Occupy was a start, but notice that it sputtered and failed.

At work they have a saying that I heard a long time ago. When a project starts, there a lot of people and a great big stone wheel. Now someone starts them to get the wheel rolling perhaps in a direction or uphill. Then someone then says "Whoa!" we don't want it to go that way and everyone tries to stop the wheel and set it in another direction. The process repeats itself. The point is that it takes a lot to get something going, a person here or there isn't going to get far and everyone is pushing the wheel in different directions and it's hard to get it going in the right direction assuming that the right direction is known and used. There are some that can push harder and not in the direction that seems that it should go. It happens everyday in politics and in life. Sometimes (most of the time) you just get nowhere even if you care and work hard to a good end. Doesn't mean we shouldn't try though, just don't expect it to work out.

Revolution with real results require bloodshed though. Are people ready to see bloodshed and Americans dying?

Aren't Americans rather inured to bloodshed?

Why do you say a real revolution requires bloodshed? I'm not saying you're wrong; I'm wondering what your logic is. What would bloodshed accomplish?

Unfortunately non peaceful revolution takes a lot of time and requires everyone to be on the same page. Considering how the American political mood currently is very divided and completely partisan filled, it would be very hard to agree on different political and/or economical changes that would even warrant close a revolutionary change. Also the fact that government is so intertwined into people's life and government itself has been a caterer to the the rich, that will most likely become a revolution led by the rich leaders; the very thing people are trying to revolt against.

The thing with bloody revolutions are that even though they very inhumane and horrible, it helps unite people to a cause a lot faster when people realize that there are things willing to fight and die for. I know people use the whole "fight and die for freedoms" as cliches, but it does stem from accurate events throughout history. From how things are lately, anyone that stands up for whatever it is, usually is shot down by the likes of , corporations, lobbyists, the government and most importantly the media. Nowadays you know its every easy to just condemn someone as "terrorist" and public will automatically support the government against the terrorists, because we now have this culture of guilty until proven innocent. How do you break these barriers? It seems to get harder and harder to over these barriers, especially with government being more involved in people's life. Unfortunately breaking these barriers can only be accomplished through the use of force. Its not pretty but it will show people that is a lot more effective and they can be part of it. As you know when push comes to shove, people will react. A shove here would be an armed revolution.

That's just my opinion based on what I see how things are going politically and economically in this country. Of course my preferred method would be using the courts to make changes to win our freedoms and how the country is run. America is a very civilized country and bloodshed revolutions are thing of a past in civilized countries but sometimes you never know when you need it.

Remember when I said:

 Nowadays you know its every easy to just condemn someone as "terrorist"

look what's happening now 



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