We're in a crazy period. Home values have been rising and "flipping" is starting up again in places like Miami and Las Vegas, today the stock market is going through the roof, setting a new record. The jobs report tells us that jobs are being created at a very slow pace and that new unemployment claims are down. 

At the same time, the new jobs don't pay as well as the jobs they are replacing and the income gap is wider than ever.

Is it time for a revolution?

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LOL  I think the religious selfRIGHTeous are so used to obfuscation and misdirection that they run to that every time there is any argument, even if there are valid ones that they could bring up instead. 

I agree with the pea-shooter comment, although that is why I think we should be allowed to own anything that the police are allowed to posses. That puts us on equal footing. Hell, many sheriffs across the country are on the side of an armed citizenry, understanding that the police are NOT there to protect you, but to investigate after the fact. 

I guess my biggest concern is the chipping away of rights for no good reason.  First it's "large capacity mags" and "assault-style weapons", then it's any semi-automatic weapon, then it's any weapon at all.  That's not a huge leap.  In OR and WA, they are claiming that any weapon that is capable of accepting a magazine over 7 rounds is an "assault weapon", which includes almost every handgun.  The bills won't pass, but it's scary that they are even being brought up.

In my area (NY) we are still trying to get a resolution against the "SAFE ACT" and trying to get the local town supervisor to start it since the county keeps passing the buck. Pretty soon all we will be allowed to carry is pea-shooters (if we are in the right area and if we are lucky). I think matching fire power with criminals might be closer the mark but then again then it would be an arms race. In all their "fixing" (politicians) it would be better to leave it alone as far as adding more gun control and perhaps repeal crap like the "Sullivan" law.

Maybe they should have a law to force everyone to have one hand tied behind their back and then see if the criminals abide by it along with everyone else. Might be interesting.

Doesn't matter - everyone without a hand tied behind their back, gets arrested, and the streets are criminal-free. Great plan! I'm surprised you thought of it.

We do not need to match fire power with criminals.  We need to match fire power with the people who would enslave us, which means LEOs.  If LEOs do not intend on repressing us, then they will stand beside us.  If they do, then they will stand against us.

The whole point behind the 2A is for the citizenry to maintain a militia to protect the Republic against threats foreign and domestic.  It has nothing to do with protecting the government, it is specifically designed to defend against a tyrannical government.

It's funny when people argue against that statement, saying that the gvmt has bombers, tanks and nukes.  These people simply don't understand the difference between suppression of civil liberties and annihilation.  What would be the point of the gvmt and the rich annihilate subjects that they fleece money from and destroy national resources?  Assuming that is what we are talking about shows how closed minded and irrational pro-gun control advocates can be.

The govt might try a fierce suppression of the earliest protests in order to terrorize the majority into becoming sheep. It might work; it might not.

Ya know, it's a sad state of affairs when someone can say that and be right.  Even sadder is that I don't think it's overt terrorism by the government that gets the majority to support government oppression.

Not to sound like a crazy conspiratorist, but I certainly wouldn't put it past our government to create terrorism in order to get people to allow them to over reach without resistance.  Not that I'm saying that it is, in fact happening, but I certainly couldn't put it past many of them.  Just sayin'.

How about the "Operation Northwoods" which President Kennedy put his foot down on. According to this, it really happened plus other nefarious deeds that would qualify some of the top people in government as terrorists.


China did that in the Tiananmen Square protests. It worked.


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