We're in a crazy period. Home values have been rising and "flipping" is starting up again in places like Miami and Las Vegas, today the stock market is going through the roof, setting a new record. The jobs report tells us that jobs are being created at a very slow pace and that new unemployment claims are down. 

At the same time, the new jobs don't pay as well as the jobs they are replacing and the income gap is wider than ever.

Is it time for a revolution?

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Pain in the tail feathers, isn't it?

To answer the question, yes it is time, and it has been time for quite some time, but who has the time to bother?  I really believe we need a large sweep of our elected officials, like say 2/3 of them all at once.  I can only see this happening through some kind of coordinated social media strike.  Lets forget about liberal or conservative for two elections and only put in people who agree that once they reach the majority power they need to change shit that they truly put the power back into the hands of the people and out of the corporations. Oh and end the drug war and start the process of scaling down or empire around the world. 

Jimmy, you'd be asking politicians to go against the expectations of those who fund their campaigns, and that simply isn't going to happen unless a way is found to take campaign funding out of politics.

No I'm not talking about those people, I'm talking about never been in politics, beholden to no one, and funded by the people, and really not that well.  Their main message being spread across social media for free.  I know this is incredibly far fetched and wishful thinking  but if we could get them in and only focus on restoring the power of the people so to speak then maybe we have a chance.  Just have to get everyone from both sides that is sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the bullshit to be on board.  I can't imagine 4 years of on the job training can harm us anymore than the current dicks that are there are doing now. 

Lets forget about liberal or conservative for two elections

OK, let's....

and only put in people who agree that once they reach the majority power they need to change shit that they truly put the power back into the hands of the people and out of the corporations. Oh and end the drug war and start the process of scaling down or empire around the world.

Oh but then you want us to vote in a bunch of liberals and leftists.  Why do you expect the conservatives to forget what they believe in while exempting yourself?

Who said anything about liberals and leftists?  Ending the drug war is something that liberals and conservatives should be behind together 100%.  This issue needs no label of either party, it is a complete and utter failure of policy.  Scaling down or empire is in the same boat.  Luckily they wouldn't have to be so much in charge of that. No left or right prism is needed to see that we do spend way to much on defense and policing this world.  It's a jobs program and an nice easy life for defense contractors.  These two are just things a majority no experience congress could actually deal with while not asking for too much.  I mean have you met congress?  I know you have.   

It would be helpful for the conservatives if they didn't have highly contrary values.  On one face, they are supposed to support smaller government and more individual freedoms, but then they turn their other face and start screaming about stripping civil liberties away from people because they can't help but shove their delusional superstitions down everyone else's throats.

Jim is absolutely right - common sense is not a partisan value.  Unfortunately, it tends to be more of a liberal value than a conservative one, but both definitely have their failings.  If we ran policy off of evidence and common sense, we wouldn't have any problem.  It's when people start pushing for restrictions based on personal bigotries and fear mongering that we run into problems.

Just to be clear, I am definitely much more a traditional conservative than a liberal, but the only thing conservatives seem to care about now-a-days is how far they can shove their god's dick down our throats.

I think that before anything really changes, we need a cultural revolution in the US. It was the Age of Enlightenment that gave us the founding ideals for this country and influenced the revolutions of the US and France. I think we are poised to see our digital revolution lead to a new generation influenced by it that will in the next two decades take the reigns of leadership. Whether that will turn or for good or ill, I suppose we'll have to find out.

My question for those of you out there who think we are in for a collapse is: If you can see the end coming what are you doing to lessen it's effect and help come back from it? Is it possible to build more resiliency in the system?

We can't even agree, as a society, on what is causing the collapse.  Many, many people believe its coming, but they blame what the people who don't think like them are doing for the collapse.

Conservatives blame rampant government spending on social programs, breakdown of the two-parent family (blaming that in turn on those social programs), creeping government control over the economy under a variety of pretexts, immigrants coming in to leech off those social programs, and shitty education.  And that's leaving out the theocratic "we are kicking god out of the country" bullshit just to focus on their complaints that might have some bearing on reality. 

Liberals will blame the war on drugs, corporations, the defense sector, corporations, and.. oh yes, corporations.  And blame all of that (with some justification) on religion.

What we have here are two very different visions of what we are doing today that is causing the collapse we see around us, and therefore different visions of what to do to fix it.  You can call for a revolution, and find yourself echoing the calls made by the people whose politics you cannot stand.  But I guarantee their proposed fix won't make you happy and you won't stand for theirs either.  And that is why nothing has happened except increasing division.

In the theme of understanding the problems, this is completely relevant. It was also filmed back in 2003.

If there was one, single phrase I took from this, it would have to be, "isolation of the elite." It reminded me of those instances where slum lords have been sentenced to live for a period, upon penalty of incarceration for refusal, in their own tenements. Very insightful.

US Corporations exist to make money and become efficient. They do this by growing large and controlling their environment. Their owners/leaders have become incredibly wealthy. Social issues are not their prime directive. The government is supposed to mitigate that, but when they try, people complain they are hurting the economy. We can no longer walk on the backs of the nations that are developing. And now they drive up the demand and cost for food and energy. Since the continuous internal US economic growth of the past seems unlikely....We will have to seek a way of redistributing our wealth better. Sounds like socialism to me. If you cry revolution, you better have a solution. Do you want more government or not, because if you want less expect the corporations to get even bigger.? Most barely pay taxes as it is now.


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