We're in a crazy period. Home values have been rising and "flipping" is starting up again in places like Miami and Las Vegas, today the stock market is going through the roof, setting a new record. The jobs report tells us that jobs are being created at a very slow pace and that new unemployment claims are down. 

At the same time, the new jobs don't pay as well as the jobs they are replacing and the income gap is wider than ever.

Is it time for a revolution?

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AND she does it again!

The owners of this country would never allow a revolution , and have massively stacked the cards to ever prevent that from occurring . We have a woefully unlettered populace , distracted by third rate mass media blitzes of marketing based " entertainments" . Many of the rest are kept just smart enough to run the machines , but not smart enough to think critically . The remainder , who are aware of the prison being built around us brick by brick , are so small in number , as to have no meaningful effect . This battle was essentially lost in the eighties.

I don't love my country enough to die for it or kill for it. 

I'm an atheist married to another atheist living in the Pacific North West. Why would I want to take up arms and disturb my easy little life? 

I could always just move to somewhere else, if I don't like the direction the country is heading. I've done it before. 

There are ways for us to be happy without..you know... a revolution. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm pissed off by injustice on a daily basis. 

But not enough to spill blood. 


So, in other words, you're fine with things as long as your little patch of the world is comfortable. Splintered, indeed.

It is definitely a bad time, so many bad legislations are being passed that even if it fails, they try again and again and even sneak it in in a rush session or behind closed doors, so much for "the people " involved in government rules. All I see is change for the worse and nothing of consequence gets fixed. Revolution would be like a reset button, but doing it via arms is not going to even get started, Congress.com has many big guns and access to money to be removed that way and unless you have the improbable backing of the US military you can have all the guns you want and still look like a two year old with a pop gun against a SWAT team. The Russians had a bloodless second revolution a few years ago when they finally tossed out the one party communist stranglehold, it just wasn't working out for them. Our corporate sponsored demopubican ( or repubcrat if you prefer) party isn't going to be so easy to dislodge. They also have a stranglehold on American politics that won't tolerate any meaningful competition or change from their agenda. What crowbar that will loosen their grip I have no idea even exists. If the economy finally tanks, if, maybe there will be a change, but don't count on it being better. Too many people pulling for their own interests and there will still be people with money that will make sure their interests are maintained.

I totally agree...I don't think any sort of revolution is possible. I think we will probably end up collapsing from within some time in my lifetime and then languish for several generations before something new is cobbled together out of necessity. Either that or America will morph into the government of the global elite, unmoored from the geography and populace of the United States.

When writing up a "future history" for some fiction I looked at how we were headed in America and figured we'd have a second civil war/revolution by 2025 (2030 at the latest). Sadly we are still on track for that although I do see another - worse - possibility.

A police state. The efforts of the radically religious coupled with the Patriot Act make me very worried.

Not that a new revolution would necessarily be a good thing since I think we stand a good chance of fragmenting into multiple countries.

If anything I'd like to see a group of rational people write up a new Constitution, Bill of Rights and initial set of laws which codify protections against many of our current problems. Once that is done, a new revolution is initiated before we collapse naturally into it since that would be chaos.

Has anyone ever done a study of the socio-economic similarities between (or among) Greece, Rome, Britain and America, the four most recent European (yes, I know, America is not European, but its ancestors and cultures are) empires to determine the correlations they share in terms of their civilization's collapse? There must be causes that they share in common.

The peasants were revolting

Because they didn''t bathe?

They soitainly are - yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk --

At least they weren't molting.


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