Chances are, some of you have probably seen the "you can run but you can't hide" tables set up in front of Wal-Mart or gas stations in your area.

The "ever so friendly" man behind the table asks if you are willing to donate money to help
fight suicide, certainly a cause that most people wouldn't say no to.
Thing is, the funds they solicit are actually going towards a cause that, if anything,
may cause an increase in suicides, especially among the GLBT community.

These people are actually part of a fundamentalist christian congregation, and their pastor,
Bradlee Dean, has repeatedly called for the execution of homosexuals, stating that it is a
"moral" endeavour. If you google his name, you will find a multitude of links to news articles
about this guy. He is the lowest of the low, a scumbag of epic proportions.

This "man" and his congregation are soliciting funds from individuals under false premises,
then re-directing that money towards extremeist christian goals.
I want to see them all sued or thrown into prison, the scumbag pastor especially.

Is there anyone in the MN area who would happen to know more about how to form a counter attack
against these idiots? Or anyone familliar with law who might know if it is possible to file
a suit against these people?

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I meant it in the nicest possible way!
I know. :) And I certainly wasn't upset in any way about your comment. I am sometimes guilty of allowing my emotions too much control over my words. Sorry if I offended you in any way.
oh i meant that as a jokey reply to heather, I don't even know how you think that you may offended me! I hope these idiots get brought down, and brought down hard! And I thought that because this involves hate speech and civil rights issues with GLBT community that the ACLU might be able to give some help if they're not already working on it.
@oneinfinity - Yeah, I know what you mean.  Somehow I don't see you as the type to lead a crazed mob.  If there were such a thing as a rational mob then perhaps, but I won't hold my breath.

Suicide has been considered quite honorable in other cultures--the Romans spring to mind.  A Brit caught cheating at cards was expected to do the honorable thing--shoot himself through the brain.  By what right does a government tell me, a an elderly fellow with sound mind and body, what I can or cannot do with my own life?


Sounds like religio-tards trying to keep getting my money (were I a religio-tard).

Other practices were and are considered honorable in other cultures honor suicides, honor killings (also a honorable practice in ancient Rome) and other practices that are perhaps even more backward or downright dumb.

That can't be a reason. The second argument is rather better. You can of course always kill yourself. There are so many ways that the only limit is your own fantasy, not what the govt allows or prohibits.

The problem only rises when you ask other people to do it for you. And then we are in the realm of euthanasia and all the problems that entail. When, how, who decides and when, must you possess a testament (will) when you arrive at a state of disputable mental competence and so on. That should be an option and regulated properly, I think.

Because the Romans had some bad ideas doesn't' make every one of their ideas bad.


Why don't you set up a counter protest beside them stating exactly their goals and beliefs.  Hand out information about their group. And wear a bright Atheist t-shirt!!!!!! If they come to Maryland be sure I will be doing so.

That is a great idea. If they ever come to Maryland, I'll hop in my car and chase them the whole way there while playing the Genitorturer's version of "I Touch Myself".

..Too weird?

According to this new article from last week WalMart and Bradlee Dean had a "falling out" and his people shouldn't be soliciting funds at WalMart stores any more.
I did come across that article, as well as another one on While it is great that WalMart will not permit them to solicit there in the future, that is not enough. The agenda of Dean and his group, as well as their methods of promotion, are sickening.


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