Chances are, some of you have probably seen the "you can run but you can't hide" tables set up in front of Wal-Mart or gas stations in your area.

The "ever so friendly" man behind the table asks if you are willing to donate money to help
fight suicide, certainly a cause that most people wouldn't say no to.
Thing is, the funds they solicit are actually going towards a cause that, if anything,
may cause an increase in suicides, especially among the GLBT community.

These people are actually part of a fundamentalist christian congregation, and their pastor,
Bradlee Dean, has repeatedly called for the execution of homosexuals, stating that it is a
"moral" endeavour. If you google his name, you will find a multitude of links to news articles
about this guy. He is the lowest of the low, a scumbag of epic proportions.

This "man" and his congregation are soliciting funds from individuals under false premises,
then re-directing that money towards extremeist christian goals.
I want to see them all sued or thrown into prison, the scumbag pastor especially.

Is there anyone in the MN area who would happen to know more about how to form a counter attack
against these idiots? Or anyone familliar with law who might know if it is possible to file
a suit against these people?

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   This is why I make sure I research who I am donating money to, and prefer to donate service or goods directly to those who need them. Even if I like the goal of a church or group (feed the children, build houses in poverty stricken areas) I will not donate, as I do not know how much of my funding goes where or what hoops they make people jump through. I'm pretty sure you'd be able to sue. If someone gets in contact with one of the big secularist societies they often have lawyers on tap just for these kinds of cases. seems like a good go-to for help.

Thanks for the link. I'm going to look into a lawsuit and see where it goes.


Thankfully, I never gave those people a cent, but given the amount of donations that they apparently received last year (approx. $450,000) under the premise of preventing suicide, I would think that is just cause for investigation and legal action.

You'll probably need someone who did donate to begin, and if it was cash donations it is going to be very, very hard to track. They might not get the money back, but the people defrauding like this should be forced to stop at least, and maybe they can even being kept from starting again later. A big, whopping fine would be perfect.

The majority of the donations are, to my knowledge, mostly in cash form. Though Bradlee and his group do rent space at the MN state fair, and are going to be there this year as well, so there are probably more easily traced donations/payments in cc form as well.

I'm not a law expert, but I would like to do something, get a group or list of those who did donate and take group action against the organization, or just whatever it takes to seek justice against the pastor and his congregation. A huge fine and being banned from soliciting donations in the future would be great.

I think suicide should be encouraged for those who are old, sick, becoming dependent upon their families.  I certainly hope to retain enough vigor to off myself when the time is appropriate, and, failing that, have a law allowing my doctor to do it for me.
I agree completely Brian. I have nothing against suicide. What I take issue with is that this extremist christian group is soliciting donations under the premise of suicide prevention, when the money is actually being used to fund anti homosexual goals and legislation in the name of fundamentalist christianity (Google Bradlee Dean, hes disgusting).

Suicide encouraged?

I'm not sure if you really meant it like that. If you meant to endorse euthanasia as a means to allow someone the freedom to chose to die, if it all possible, as a way out to be relieved of intractable suffering in the prospect of death and the progressive loss of worth and dignity, then I am in agreement with you.

Euthanasia is perpendicular to your formulation. You do not - ever - encourage people by trying to take away their sense of self-worth by emphasizing their burdensomeness to family or society or whoever they are possibly in some way dependent upon.

That isn't euthanasia, that is a form of torture.

Suicide keeps one from having to suffer further, just as abortion spares kids from having to be birthed unloved, unwanted, and doomed to the awful life we all have.

Actually, they're pretty similar from what I'm seeing. I was born and lived in California till two years ago (married a Quebecer) and now I'm up here in Quebec. They're both based on the lovely old English system. 


Same issues at the least: corruption in the judges, bribes, long wait times. Good stuff, hah.

Maybe try writing to the ACLU for advice on whether or not there's anything you can do against this? I guess it all depends on whether or not this is actually (by the law that is) considered illegal. It's definitely grotesque, yet another psychopathic moron who needs his face smashed with a baseball bat. Alas.
Fighting hate speech with hate speech is like a 'war on terror'.  :D


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