I came across this picture yesterday, and I thought that it must be some kind of joke.

Having nothing better to do, I Googled it, and it's true!


Surely, no-one in his right mind would swallow that (Oops, sorry, no pun intended).

When people put their Faith in some self-proclaimed servant of God, it looks like they will believe anything he says.

Although this scumbag has been arrested and jailed, his followers will prob'ly continue to believe in him, consider him a victim of the ungodly, and esteem him as some sort of martyr.

Although he's proclaimed his intention to continue to 'water' his cellmates with his 'sacred milk' I can't but wonder how he's going to feel when his cellmates return the complement and start 'watering' him with their sacred milk!

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Face palm.

Hey, once you agree to let some guy dictate with whom you can have sex, whether or not you can consume alcohol/tobacco, and possibly dietary restrictions - all because he says he is communicating with the spirit of a 2000 year old tribal god from the middle east - well, is this really so much more of a stretch?

Hm, yeah. It's not really THAT different from eating a little wafer and thinking it turns into flesh in your stomach. You could feed these people warm dog shit and say it turns into God's grace in their stomachs or something.

Sacred Church of the Holy Dog Turd, :D

According to the sacrament of The Holy Eucharist, the wafer and wine convert upon being blessed, not down in the gullet.

Oooh that makes a lot more sense then. Even though it really doesn't.

Milk made in the same factory that processed nuts. 

How old were the victims? Was this a cult? How many people went along with this?

It was a evangelical priest, so no as off of mainstream i supposed. Apparently, quite a few, as the testimony is expressed in plural. No numbers were mentioned in any sources.

However, this one says that the girl that provided the quote is 23 and that most of his victims were elderly

Just because it's true doesn't mean it's true.

Now that is a profound statement.


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