Let's start with a typical person's mindset on Good and Bad. One may say that we are born with the ability to identify them from one or the other. This is probably more philosophical than anything else.

Do we recognize between Good and Evil? Through Anthropology, the study and comparison of different cultures around the world, we can see that there are humans out there, tribal, that commit what the wester civilization calls "Murder" on a daily basis through canibalism, ritual sacrifice, and war with other tribes. This is not "The worship of a false God" as many Christians portray them as, because not all of them have a religion, most just consider humans an animal just as equal as a pig, and use all resources for food.

Now, how DO we determine Right from Wrong, Good from Evil, and of course, Moral from Immoral. When we look at a person's life, and let's say their father dies, is it Evil of the dad to just die? Of course not, because its a part of life, death. So what makes death in any other situation bad? Of course the provoking of death or causing death. But what really is death? To understand Death one must understand Life. Born into a world that will inevitably lead to Death, where in this do you see a reason to live in the first place? Aha, one gap that Religion loves to fill by saying you have a purpose to serve on Earth. Most of the time this purpose being to convert non-religious to their own religious agenda. Hypothetically speaking, what would one do if everyone converted to one religion? Its of course impossible, but hypothetically speaking what if? There would be no reason to even come into the world because theres really nothing on God's current agenda that hasn't already been done.

Ugh, off topic sorry, but a good idea to reflect on.

Good or Bad are non-existent, not because there is no such thing as either, but because Good and Bad vary between culture, between people, no one is born with the ability to know EXACTLY what good or bad is, until the environment around them determines that for them. Religion tells you opposite, that you are born with that sense, of good and evil, a 7th sense if you will (we all know the 6th sense :P). I just recently am "Blessed" to have a baby sister, my mother had a child, but me being 18 its a bit awkward at age difference... In either case, as i watch her I honestly cannot see anything else but a live being that only has 4 priorities: Food, Poop, Gas, and Sleep. Satisfy all four and you got a good nights sleep. She doesn't understand what death is yet, if its good or bad, what murder is, what drugs are, what anything is other than those 4 bodily done activities. I've seen many families attempt to show that their 1 week old baby has emotions by showing me that its smiling... the fact is, thats not a smile, its pooping, seriously, every baby does it. The facial expression are attempts to get rid of the pain that gas or pooping may cause, and pain is not a bad thing to them, its a discomfort, its embedded as an instinct, not a moral.

So now that we understand a Philosophical view of Good vs Evil, what does religion attempt to do? It tries to make a standard to what either is through morals that have been followed over 2000 years ago, then modified as time goes on, you don't see us stoning misobedient children anymore do you? Of course not, we have child protective services. Times changes people so a Religion has to change in order to keep up. But Religion is merely a blueprint to tell us how to live, I have no problem it telling me not to kill people, not to rape, not to treat others badly, thats a self proclaimed moral that every person needs to learn in order to have what one may consider a "perfect" world. But the fact is that thats only what Religion says, the people are the ones that carry out these laws, and with any set of rules, theres always a exploit available and used on many occasions. Proclaiming the idea of Divine Justice or a Higher Power, and of course associating a high level person to be the one that communicates with said Higher Power (pope). But have we not learned anything from the human agenda? Has war, economics, government, and of course dictators of said governments not shown us what humans are capable of thinking up? What makes this such a different subject?

Overall, its not religion that is "evil", its not the idea of promoting this culture of tolerance, peace, and morals, its the humans intervening with the Scriptures of Religion, the fineprint, that makes this such a hypocritical society.

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As for the holy agenda; The Christians believe that once the gospel is thoroughly preached on the four corners of the Earth that is when we'll witness the second coming of Jesus. So there wouldn't be a need for anyone to do an further converting.
The reason good and evil differs from culture to culture so is that each of their morals evolved differently between them based on their immediate needs. Each culture developed their habits and beliefs through instinctive trial and error and what worked initially, stuck with them as customs. Some people decided to pass those customs off as laws with a scary twist which is why they spread so quickly and forcibly.
I don't believe a perfectly moral world where no violence, disease famine or war could exist short of brainwashing everybody and turning it into socialist world. A modern utopia is a pipe dream whether religion is involved or not. As similar as we are our tiny differences are enough to keep us feuding on small and large scales. Religion just happened to come at a time when people were starting to think beyond their being and gave us adequate answers for the time. But we have grown beyond that and those answers no longer satisfy us. Well the smart ones anyways.
Just my


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