Is it okay to fire an employee for being too pretty?

The all-male Iowa Supreme Court said Friday that it would reconsider its 2012 ruling that a dentist acted legally when he fired an assistant that he found attractive simply because he and his wife viewed the woman as a threat to their marriage.

Melissa Nelson, who had sued the dentist for gender discrimination,  had fought against the court’s decision.

"Not only does this breathe new life into her court case, it eliminates what many of us believed was a harmful legal and misguided precedent," her lawyer told ABC News.

A Des Moines lawyer with no role in the case told the network that the justices will likely issue a new opinion.

"There really is no reason to grant rehearing six months after the decision was made unless someone is seriously considering changing their mind," Ryan Koopmans, the lawyer, told ABC News. "I think we'll definitely see at least one opinion in favor of Melissa, the question is whether it is the majority opinion or dissenting opinion." (read more)

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Isn't that proper protocol for a hand-job in a public place?

I know for a FACT, that it's proper protocol for a lady under the tablecloth - if you know what I mean --

Why would you EVER put "all kidding aside"? I'm never more than semi-serious!

I don't mean to be rude, but - she's scary, and he's scared. 

Maybe he's crap in bed.  I'm not sure I like the term "giving it to him" though.  You make it sound rather one-way...

I know, honey.  You'll get where you want to be, soon enough.  Meanwhile, there's plenty of room here in the gutter, and besides, we have a great view of the stars....

rather distorted view of female sexuality

Read up on hyenas... very interesting for a matriarchal animal.

Hyena females aren't just matriarchal, they actually have some male physical attributes including a penis that is not merely for show. From Wikipedia:

(T)he female spotted hyena...uses her pseudo-penis for urination, copulation, and childbirth. In addition, this makes it difficult for males to mate without the full cooperation of females, which means that mating preferences of the female are predominant. (source page)

Take a good look at him, Witchy-Woman (hope I've stuck another song in your mind you can't get out!), there's a good possibility that it's exactly that.

@Arch  She looks like someone stuck an electrode or two where the sun don't shine.  I think the pair of them are well-suited.

As for your thoughtful song-sticking, I think you'll find that's called an 'ear worm'.  There's a name for people like you.

I'm thinking maybe a pair of d batteries --

Ah, yet another candidate for, "Where Are They Now?" But good to know, I've always wondered if there was a word for a proto-bird like me - still not sure what it is.

I think her (the wife's) problem was probably that she wasn't getting it good.

That's a bit superficial, Chica - the things they've shared throughout their relationship should count for something - despite the fact that men are more dependent on visual stimulation than women, it's not all about just looks.

If I had grown with a woman, who as I did, changed incrementally, day by day, fifty years later, I would have found her just as beautiful as on day one, because as she changed, so would have my perceptions.

I sent my parents a dozen roses on their 50th anniversary - alas, that was not to be my destiny..


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