Is it okay to fire an employee for being too pretty?

The all-male Iowa Supreme Court said Friday that it would reconsider its 2012 ruling that a dentist acted legally when he fired an assistant that he found attractive simply because he and his wife viewed the woman as a threat to their marriage.

Melissa Nelson, who had sued the dentist for gender discrimination,  had fought against the court’s decision.

"Not only does this breathe new life into her court case, it eliminates what many of us believed was a harmful legal and misguided precedent," her lawyer told ABC News.

A Des Moines lawyer with no role in the case told the network that the justices will likely issue a new opinion.

"There really is no reason to grant rehearing six months after the decision was made unless someone is seriously considering changing their mind," Ryan Koopmans, the lawyer, told ABC News. "I think we'll definitely see at least one opinion in favor of Melissa, the question is whether it is the majority opinion or dissenting opinion." (read more)

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TA posts I've seen before often show up in my email, but this one showed up more than a month late! LOL

Today's the day my milk expires, it says so on the carton - as long as we're relating information relevant to nothing - I think I'll keep it til tomorrow, and see what happens --

I'm just wondering what gives...

TA works in mysterious ways --

Unless you're deeply in love with the 50-year old. My High School sweetheart died last year, cancer, married for years to another man - I still mourn her passing. Swans mate for life. So do some proto-birds.

I would morn if my ex-wife died. We weren't compatible, and I'm no longer sexually attracted, but it doesn't mean I don't love her. 

You need to understand guythink. She's pretty for a 50 year old. Melissa is 32. Like any guy (you can include me) he'd rather take a shower with a 32 year old (or, better, an 18 year old) than a 50 year old. Sorry, but that's generally true.

That might be generally true, but it's not true for me. Few women on the planet compare with the exceptional woman I married: medical doctor, former NASA engineer, black belt in karate, licensed pilot, skydiver, world traveller-- endlessly interesting and attractive in every way.

A truly great woman is worth a lifetime commitment. Knowing that makes all of the young, pretty faces out there all but invisible to me. Surround me with 18-year-old girls. I'll snub them all. Most annoy me. Added up, total package, there's no way they can measure up to my wife.

Yes Gallup, words cannot describe how much I agree with you (about someone else).  i.e. from where I'm standing, the most beautiful woman in the world. 


This is just the old "well I'm the exception" argument that really affirms the rule.

I like how the lights give her horns. lol

..because she's givin him a hand job


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