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If the purpose of speech is to convey a message. And an atheist calls himself spiritual. Isn't that person misrepresenting himself by using a word that is most largely viewed to be synonymous with "soul"? Even if he himself has his own unique meaning for it (which takes a 5 minute video to understand)

Let's be honest most people hear the word spirit and think soul.. don't they?

It seems like a way of justifying for no reason. If there is a lack of a better word... make a new one. To me I find that people are kind of ridiculed or perceived in a derogatory way if they admit or "come out" with believing they do not have a soul. Like you are somehow less of a person, lacking mystery, etc.. So when someone tries to find a convoluted means of explaining why they call themselves "spiritual". I feel that they are pandering to this unfortunate misperception.

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Soul is an understanding or feel for music.

Spirits is some  really good booze.

I'm here to help.

Gregg, when spirits are applied to mean alcohol are they normally clear? Didn't the moonshiners used to judge the quality of the moonshine by it's transparency?

Actually many liquors are colored with caramel. They're brown.

By the way, Dragotron, I didn't mention it before, but that was an excellent video. Good job.

Thanks David, but I didn't make the video, I just posted it... as well... I was posting it to call it into question :)

My FAVORITE video on the Internet which uses a word that corresponds to ghosts in an unfortunate and possibly irresponsible metaphor would be this beauty of a video:
When discussing the meaning of a word (which is what we're dong), I'd be far more inclined to ask a student of English than a student of philosophy (or certainly, theology). Attempts at being prescriptive (like Entomology) in such matters is not particularly relevant.

Instead try a dictionary! Or, to verify applicable dictionary definitions, ask 100 people. You'll find that a substantial majority will see, understand, use the adjective "spiritual" to mean something non-physical, non-measurable, non-real, non-existent.

No, an atheist should NOT call himself "spiritual".
"No, an atheist should NOT call himself "spiritual"."

Someone should tell Sam Harris that.

"By the way, Dragotron, I didn't mention it before, but that was an excellent video. Good job."

I second. A worthwhile watch for anyone.

(I'm curious to see where this post will be placed. I have a feeling that my browser/back-end interaction is not working properly to post this immediately following David Henson's post quoted above.)

Mike - your browser has nothing to do with it - if others have replied to a particular post before you did, your comment will appear beneath theirs, and there's nothing anyone can do about that.

Thanks. OK I'm guessing that no one else will be replying to your post. Let's see if this post appears after yours or before.


(Good looking young lady you have there, Mike!)

Well Sam Harris has an opinion, but, in my opinion, he's using the word "spiritual" in a sense he would like it to have - not in its generally-accepted sense.

Sure, words change their meanings constantly. Perhaps in a decade or two Sam Harris won't come under the same amount of fire for his (currently incorrect) definition of the word.


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