If birth control is used, is there any moral reason for siblings from abstaining from sex?  When I asked this on a religious forum a few muslims were disgusted with me.

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I have also pondered about the relationship between the "quantity" of emotional pain as it relates to the social stigma of the act of rape. And painfully I do agree with you at a most basic level.


And I say this as a woman, I don't believe my vagina is "more" sacred (not much more anyway) than my skin or my brain or my blood or my home. When I was burglarised, I felt raped. If someone drugged me, I'd feel raped, if someone "telepathically" got into my brain or brainwashed me or performed surgery on me without my consent I'd feel raped. Any infringement upon the integrity of my being is rape. I've been close to rape on a couple of occasions, and I handled the situation. The "traumatic" effects of rape without physical pain/violence are certainly exacerbated by sexual taboos and considerations of 'sacredness' and 'preciousness'. I am not however entirely free of these, as I've often stated that to me the crime of 'sexual' 'violent' rape should be equally punished as the crime of manslaughter. Now this may seem contradictory, but for me manslaughter is not 'that' great a crime... ok don't scream :)  IMO any assault to the integrity of 'me' is a grave crime, if I am dead as a result, it is of less concern to me than if I'm still alive. So the punishment should be at least equal.


As for that Israeli girl, if her values change, then yes past acts suffered under different mental  frameworks might become more painful. Would it be akin to ex-alcholics who come to reject and despise their past versions of themselves?

i would find it disgusting but i think its up to the family to decide.  If they feel its ok and have no regrets with it then they can i guess.  It's there sex life, if they choose todo it with a sibiling then let them, just dont tell me about ok?

Aside from the issues in genetics that this could end up in...I wouldn't judge another on their actions.
I personally wouldn't do so, but that's me.
I'm an asexual, so I don't really fancy the idea of sex with anyone.
Ah, and if they're underage...that's illegal. And wrong.
But if both sides are of age and willing...I guess so...

Every state and province and country have different "legal" ages. Legal age is ridiculous, humans are evolutionarily equiped to successfully procreate from puberty onward, and practice procreating even before puberty, and this in most of the animal kingdom. Only teens who had incompetent parents are mentally unprepared. Those parents are guilty of child abuse for lack of educating their offspring.

It is morally permissible.

I don't know if this is true because my source is a co-worker who cheated on his wife but he said that when two people spend much of their time around each other or when their pheromones become familiar to each other that they are recognized as siblings and become unattractive. Could be an evolutionary thing to get people to be more genetically diverse.

For one, humans don't have pheromones. Secondly, there are thousands of examples of siblings who have fallen for each other, who grew up together, so the 'unattractiveness' IMO is no more than inculcated by society. Sibling sex has only been taboo for very recent centuries.

Humans do have some sort of pheremones or pheremone-like chemicals linked to scent for sexual selection and reproduction. This is responsible for linking up menstrual cycles of females living in close proximity.

Also, I think I saw a documentary on the study Danny's co-worker mentioned. Groups of men were given clean T-shirts to be worn for 2 nights with no cologne or antiperspirant. The shirts were then placed in sealed plastic bags for groups of women to smell and rate. The study found that women greatly preferred males with very different immune system (MHC) genes. They even secretly snuck in T-shirts from biological male relatives and found the women gave scents with similar MHC genes the lowest ratings. This has long been a well known phenomenon in other animals.

Certainly scents aren't the only thing that goes into mate selection and siblings have been falling for each other or even forced into marriage to keep bloodlines pure for thousands of years so the sibling sex taboo is a fairly new concept.

there is little or no peer-reviewed evidence to suggest that any pheromone influences human behavior. No human pheromones have been identified, and the vomeronasal organ that detects pheromones in other mammals is rudimentary and nonfunctional in humans



The menstrual syncing studies do appear conflicting and biased either by a man who does not believe in it, or recall bias by females. This surprises me. My daughter and I have been synced to the day for nearly a year. *scratches head*

Regardless, I said pheromone or pheromone-like chemicals linked to scent which play a roll in attraction. Though I'm certainly not claiming these significantly alter behavior or suggesting people buy the cologne with "human pheromones" to pick up chicks.

Here is one peer-reviewd link on that MHC in body odor study...


I was just throwing it out there as fodder. I've seen the body odor study (or rather have read about it) before.


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