Just state your views on the topic of life & abortion. Simple, non offensive. My last try to boil up a debate was frown upon so here's a new one. I just figured gettin' people fired up would help them release their true views. I'm not bias. I just like to piss people off.

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I think the enlightened view is that all life is equal. Be it in the form of an elephant, a foetus or a ringworm.
Once a cell splits, that's life.
so... do you photosynthesize or have you figured out some form of chemosynthesis?

because every time you eat something I'd bet that you engaged in some form of cell murder
hell do you drink water out of your tap... or how about even bottled water?
well there's living bacteria in almost all of the samples taken from both.

living "breathing" metabolizing reproductive life.
SHIT! I killed life when I scraped the inside of my cheek with a toothpick for that lab exercise last week. I should sue the school.
What kind of godless heathen kills innocent cheeks cells.... oh wait never mind
Ever heard of a carnivore?
Isn't it inconsistent to oppose abortion rights but eat meat? By defining life as "once a cell splits," you're setting up a rather significant double-standard.
Human life. And not just any human life. My flesh & blood. I'd eat another human for survival, just not my children. Like I said, I'm not bias, but when it comes to my seed, it's life. Anyone else & their private situation has the right to do what they want.
I don't know what "life" is. Since abortion will be a subject for debate for as long as it's a used process. Eventually, it will be unnecessary, but until then, I would say life is when the body can function on it's own with 75% efficiency.

How can they determine that? I don't know but I would suspect they would just put a month range on how far into the pregnancy one can have an abortion. Anything after that is "spit in hand".
Was this meant to be a reply to my post, or are you just providing random information relevant to the topic?
I look at life biologically. Does it: (1) metabolize, (2) react to stimuli, and (3) reproduce?

As you can imagine, there are limited studies on when a fetus begins to react to stimulus. An abstract on fetal pain says:

"Fetal awareness of noxious stimuli requires functional thalamocortical connections. Thalamocortical fibers begin appearing between 23 to 30 weeks' gestational age, while electroencephalography suggests the capacity for functional pain perception in preterm neonates probably does not exist before 29 or 30 weeks. [...] Evidence regarding the capacity for fetal pain is limited but indicates that fetal perception of pain is unlikely before the third trimester." [source]

I also consider the fact that it's perfectly legal to terminate life support on vegetative patients. So why shouldn't it be legal to terminate pregnancy, up to a certain point?

Nobody likes abortion. I wish it were an unnecessary practice. But until this nation implements better sexual education programs, (sorry, 'abstinence only' does not cut the mustard) I believe abortions are the unavoidable outcome of the uneducated.
Well, those time frames sound fair enough to me.
It really doesn't matter what one or many people think about this subject; what matters is what we can all agree on. There will need to be compromise on both sides. 29 weeks is fine with me, but that is almost 7 months. Pro-life people are not going to go with that plan. (the fanatics from both sides can be ignored... if violence is their tool, they can just go to prison for god or whatever they are fighting for)

So, are we, as pro-choice folks willing to dip down to 2 months? 3..4... 5 months? I would venture to say that unless the host's health becomes jepordized, 3 or 4 months is more than enough time to 'decide' if you want a child. If the pregnancy was a mistake or rape, incest, etc. was a factor, I would expect that it would be a pretty quick decision. If not, there is 90 to 120 days to think about it.

Baby steps. This subject has been at the heart of debate in this country for a very long time.. and I don't see much progress. Generally speaking, we are still divided and at some point, we have to find a compromise and try to move from there. That would be the logical and reasonable thing to do.

Eventually, abortion will be unnecessary b/c scientists are making progress on different technologies to solve the problem... so, maybe then we can find something else to argue about. :-)

These are of course, my opinions, and are not meant to represent any specific group.


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