I'm just as atheist as the next guy/gal.  I recognize and understand the many...many harmful aspects religion has done (and will continue to do).  I wish I could just wave my magic wand and heal this delusion (religion) that the human species has developed.


My question....if you could wave a magic wand and erase religion.... do you think the that the world would be a better place?  The same?  Worst?   That is to say, since religion is created by humans, all the harm and ill will that comes from religion actually comes from humans.  Take away religion - you still have humans.


Instead of going to war over religion, humans go to war over politics, territory, rights, resources, energy, tradition, racism, class, etc. To say life on earth without religion would be better - isn't that giving the human species to much credit?  Would we better people - but this thing called religion alone has messed it up?  As most of you know, South Park illustrated this in their episode "Go Go God".  I think they did an excellent job

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sorry, I should have posted this in open forum
I would rather that people/nations fight over actual physical things, such as oil or land, than over delusions. Makes determining the winner/loser so much easier.

While waving a magic wand to eliminate religion would be nice, you're right. People will always fight over something.

If I could have one Christmas wish, it would be that humans would think critically and thoroughly about everything!
...Christmas wish?
yes, I still call it christmas. That doesn't make me any less of an atheist.
I agree with you. It is humans that created religion and it is humans who can be ignorant. Religion can give hope and peace if used correctly.

but we are very aware of how it can be used incorrectly.
All humans need something to spice up their lives no matter how blessed they are: mountain climbing; sports; boating; travelling; reading; working; drugs; religion, etc. Unfortunately there are too many people who get their kicks by destroying other people's lives. The Dick Cheneys and Reinhard Heydrichs of the world who only want to dominate and kill others for their own pleasure. Nature is no respecter of persons and allows all types to survive. To the victor goes the spoils.
the fundamental problem itself is not religion, it's human stupidity. Religion is one of the manifestations of stupidity (a failure to view the world through critical thinking) so while religion is a cause for much BS, the underlying deeper problem is that most people are too dumb to be good to each other IMO
The real problem is ignorance. But if you got rid of religion today, it would make things better because religions are propagators of ignorance.

But the ignorance of religion is relative. Historically religion is important and beneficial to human cultural evolution. Religions evolved as systems of transmitting knowledge, guidance and direction to populations. Also, it evolved better ways to do these things over time. Older religions die out, and newer ones take their place because they improve the survival of populations. Even though today, religion is a propagator of ignorance, we must understand that it is only ignorant compared to science, reason, and the rule of law.
Bill said it well, ignorance is the real 'of all evil'.

Getting rid of religion would certainly help. I actually watched those episodes of South park yesterday- soo funny, but the too-common idea that outspoken atheists like Richard Dawkins are 'just as bad' as religious fundamentalists was very present, which is nonsense.

"They cut down trees to make tables, when they have perfectly good tummies to eat off!"
South park is over the top funny sometimes!
It is going to be tricky making this transition to a world lead through science and reason. Believers often think that any knowledge which questions their dogma comes from the devil and education is a plot of the enemy. That is why we see a push for school vouchers from Republicans for example.
A good reason for optimism!


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