Does the Jesus figure in the background look like Charles Manson?  One of my friends posted this and my initial reaction was "What the hell they posting a tribute to Manson for?"  Then I realized it was supposed to be Jesus! D:

Manson Jesus

Kinda creepy...

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It's just you, Manson has a cross on his forehead.

Swastika you mean, and he didn't always have it.  That said, I did take a further look and realized it wasn't him.  I just found the resemblance interesting.

Chuck would have been my first guess

It’s good to be the King. He gets to pick all the pretty girls to “transform” with his love”. Maybe it’s Jim Morrison? Just a well the picture is not of a young boy in need of transformation. Then it would be very creepy indeed. Seriously though I think there is too much of the “white dude” about him. Jesus, if he existed, would be much darker skinned don’t you think?

Or maybe there is something simpler to it. I noticed her wings and we all know forest nymphs exist so maybe it is Jesus. Do you think this graven image would look like his father as they are One?

OK…just my initial reaction. Maybe it is just me.

I always loved pointing out to my former SBC "sheep" that Jesus was a Jew and most likely looked like a Palestinian or Iranian - basically anyone who is middle-eastern and that they judiciously assume is a terrorist.  Then again, to the religious establishment of his time and the Roman government - he was!

Looks like George Harrison to me.

I'm still going with Manson.

Hi Barry - good to see you have dropped those heavy weights...:-)

Those are my cast iron balls, and I have more than three of them... o_O

To me the picture just says ignorance is bliss. Looks like a Ad for fabric softner LOL

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Atheists must be smelly.

No wonder no one likes us. We are filthy!!

I've often said,"If cleanliness is next to godliness, then why did God make us out of dirt?"  It's a good line to use on people who quote it waaaay too much!  It also makes me laugh (or roll eyes depending on the situation) when a fundie actually tries to come up with an argument regarding my question.


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