Is it considered "cool" nowadays to be an atheist or antitheist?

Just what the title says. What do you observe?

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When you get to be my age, it is impossible to be cool.

I see this new wave of atheists as the product of the internet and science. I certainly hope it's not just a trend. But is it cool? hell yeah !

I have often had theists suggest to me that my Atheism is “just a phase” or that “I am angry at God”. I get the impression from them that because they don’t understand what Atheism is that they consider it to be something like that. They see it as a denial of God because they “know” god is real (at least their one) rather than a lack of believe in something that we “know” does not exist. We, according to them, lack the humility to be followers of Jesus and are just going through a rebellious phase, like a teenager who is trying to “be cool” by learning to stand on their own two feet.

Maybe this has allowed a cultural meme to develop if it is now seen to be cool to be an Atheist. I think though that as Robert Piano says above, the influence of modern science and the access to information online has helped people to break free of the delusion more rapidly and in greater numbers. More and more people get to see examples on social media sites of people that have the courage to say “I am an Atheist”. That’s cool with me.

I don't think it's cool to be atheist (I, Emperor Milos, think it is fucking awesome); what I mean is that I don't think that it is considered cool by society.

The reason there are so many new atheists coming out is, as RobertPiano said, because of the internet, the free access to information, and what I think, also because it is a lot safer to come out as atheist in most of the world. We are still hated, but the threat level to our well being has been severely reduced in a large portion of the world.

It's never been cool to talk about God or Jesus ... or Beethoven or Alan Greenspan or Linux. It's simply not cool to talk about religion at all.

This is accurate.

I get the feeling from some people that they think I am trying to be cool by being an atheist. Others just think I am annoying, since I constantly poke holes in their "theories." But when I was a kid, I was a huge nerd. I loved reading and doing science experiments. I had a massive comic book and action figure collection. I was obsessive about the things I loved. I was never cool and I'm still the same way.

I don't think of being atheist as being cool. I think of it more in relation to intelligence and skepticism than anything else. In some ways, perhaps it's even courageous in the face of cool. Being an atheist in many cases means going against the grain (family, society, peers) and using your brain. And as the Kaiser Chiefs sing, "It's cool to know nothing."

I thought 'cool' was in relation to cloths, music, cars, and very charming women.

About 1952, physics prof's became sort of 'cool'!

When I am with other atheists, we seem to consider each other 'cool', or 'cold' if your come-on's are low brow.

The latest new phones could be considered 'cool', but new computers, 'no so much'.


No most people my age are realizing that religion is a scam and as education and science become more prevalent all over the world through technology such as internet, people have easier access to it.

At least where I live (rural east coast, and in Jersey if you can believe that) people feel its hip to not be affiliated with an organized religion or at least to be frustrated Christians or theists, but to those I have met actual atheism is a taboo, after all, their sure they read somewhere (more likely watched on fox "news") that we godless people are contributing to the moral downfall of society, corruption of the youth, rise in homosexuality, insert more rhetoric of your choice here........  While disgust for the corruption of organized religion has risen in popularity,from what I've seen atheism is still not seen as a morally acceptable conclusion. 

I'm not that tuned into pop culture enough to know what is cool but I don't get that impression from the boring media I do consume. 

Maybe it's 'cool' to some people because it challenges the mainstream. But then wouldn't Mormonism and Othodox Judaism be cool too? 

I'd say it's counter-culture, edgy, and controversial, but in an uncomfortably unpleasant way. People don't want to hear about atheism or anything that involves deep thought and personal authenticity. That is the antithesis of cool.

"People don't want to hear about atheism or anything that involves deep thought and personal authenticity."

To question the probability/possibility of invisible supernatural beings has no other equal in terms of it's ramifications. If I truly believed such a proposition it would be hard to justify just getting up and working for 8 hours and calling it a day. 

Perhaps, not. I myself never thought that I would convert to Agnosticism when I was younger, but I eventually did as I was exposed to science and specifically, the internet. It's not that people influenced me, in the sense - "Wow, these are cool people, I want to be one of them." but they certainly did make me question about religion. However, there are many people who think that I have converted just to appear cool - especially elders who often say to me, "These modern kids don't believe in anything!". It bothers me a little, but I do think that being an agnostic-atheist is pretty cool and I respect people who have the courage to openly identify themselves as one.


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