Is it a surprise that the two states that have fully legalized weed got together for a superBOWL?? hahaha

That's some funny shit!

I don't smoke pot anymore. I'm a mother with responsibilities. But I'm sort of jealous. The other day I was standing in public, broad daylight and someone was RIGHT THERE smoking a joint! It was a busy public place. The smell.....oooh the the smell of weed.


There's been a lot of controversy over how cops should handle it, in terms of people getting behind the wheel and driving when they're toking.

There's also the BANKS that many won't give a business account to marijuana businesses because they abide by FEDERAL law, not state law.

So I'm wondering what you think. Is legalizing dank the wave of the future for all 50 states? Is it a good thing? What do you think about driving while high and how the cops should handle that?

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Colorado's sales tax pot revenues are exceeding expectations and they're slated to reap close to $200 million in the first year and a half. This isn't chump change and I expect other states to begin looking closer at the issue of legalization. Banks there have also changed their minds and now will process marijuana monies through their facilities. 

Driving under the influence is just that: alcohol, marijuana, valium, etc are all justifiably off limits when behind the wheel.

I suspect Colorado tourism will be up significantly as people pop in to 'buy a bag' and hike the mountains. Sounds like fun to me.

I think drivers should be classified just like intoxicated drivers are if they drive while under the influence of any type of drug. I think they should have played this song from Family Guy at the interval….;-)

In the office where I work, we called it the GangaBowl.

As an aside, I assume there are laws in Colorado and Washington State requiring these businesses to be a certain distance from schools (much like bars). 

So, isn't one way to put such a shop out of business to find a nearby storefront and open a school there.


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