How much good are we doing by being activists?

I mean, I have seen lives get crushed by this moment of clarity.

Isn't it better just to let theists live happily oblivious of the truth, blindly expecting their reward in the afterlife?


First off, thank you everyone for your responses. Now I'm afraid I'm going to annoy the Jebbus out of you all with mine, I apologize in advance, and also for the delay.

Just to clarify, I have seen that the realization of the nonexistence of god has caused anguish, severe depression and even attempts of suicide, on people experimenting it. Just to be fair, I have also seen other people feel relieved and happier after getting rid of that burden.

I *AM* an activist, and very open about my lack of belief, but sometimes I wonder if it is worth the pain we cause.

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I see it as the lesser of two evils.

For dear old Mrs Worrisome who can't face reality, it might be tough to finally see that there's no good reason to think she'll live forever, but compare her pain to those who go through a lot worse (even death) because of religion.

It's extremely arrogant to believe you're part of a select group of humans, and the only species, to live forever in the first place.

But you can still be tactful. Instead of saying 'Ugh, you're so stupid and wrong because...' you can say 'Hmm, that's interesting. For me personally, I find it impossible to believe because...' The message gets across, but you're not making it about them.
yeah, up to a point we can be tactfull but of all the dogma the word I would not use is intresting. I rant and swear like a trooper but Its not a personal thing, its about the system in which they have came through to belife what they do.

so to recap, lets fuck using the word intresting, they are stupid and wronmg and we have to point out exactly why.
let me start by saying that I would never use the word intresting when talking to the brainwashed, thats the last word. Yes I agree we can be tactfull up to a point but our views are based on scientific fact and not dogma so they are stupid and wrong.

I also use the term i find it impossible due to this and that ( facts) but the message in nonway gets accross, I swaerr like a trooper but that me being passionate about what i believe. I dont personally abuse them but in the end what good are we doing being all nice.

in my work thetre is a lovely wee lady who I read a different bible story to her every backshift I do, as I read I cant help laughing to myself about the bollocks, however she get comfort form this. she has asked and I have been honest with her about my feeling in a nice way, However if it was the same lady in a different setting I would be treating her views with the utter contemp they deserve.
If they kept it to themselves, out of government, out of law, and out of my life... Then yeah, I'd be fine leaving them to their own delusions.

Since they can't seem to keep it to themselves, I'm all about resisting theocracy encroaching on my life.
great to hear that dan, again I would like to ask you what you action is when it does encroach.

Come join me at militant atheist sunday school, start sunday

loud and proud man, thats the way forward
I agree completely-if people wanna eat crackers and flick water on each other I could care less, but don't tell me I can't do this or that because of YOUR beliefs...
nicely put johnny, I would be intrested to know your views on your resisting.

take care
What's wrong with reality? I think it is pretty darn terrific! Everyone should live in it.
As a Vietnam War vet, my brother with one leg left after Agent Orange tumors, who does not talk to me anymore due to his simpleton religious fear of his intellectual brother, reality is not terrific for billions of people in poverty, polluted/extreme climates, war zones, violent religious/theocratic societies, ad nauseum .......
Monicks has asked a legitimate question and we should clearly suggest wise boundaries not to impose our hard core challenges to faith delusionals..... not to a suicidal person, not to a dying believer, not to a depressed conflicted person, WE ARE NOT THEIR THERAPISTS, RESCUERS OR "keepers": of their thoughts.......

But as an activist for 4 decades now, I must declare there are far too few of us "out there" fighting and what I'm getting an impression of some Atheists here is that their idea of activism is on Facebook, pissing off or shocking the minds of SOME complete strangers BUT NOT THEIR MAYOR, SCHOOL BOARDS OR COLLEGE PROFESSORS.....??

.....THE COMPROMISES and evasions are ripe and cascading..... some Atheists won't confront Obomba, because they have already invested their emotional baggage into the 2008 campaign and are not going to burn political bridges demanding this theocrat not FUND 20 BILLION TO THE ISRAELI theocracy and the genocide against the Palestinian people..... some Atheists won't compromise in state politics just to pick winners, rather than fight on principles.....

.....some turn a blind eye towards Ron Paul enemy of abortion rights, just so they can stay true to a Libertarian "hero?"

activism has a price and activism has many fronts, implications and risks....

...... I've been at this since 1976 and I welcome a wise picking and choosing of our battles and I will stand by any Atheist here who runs into trouble after taking on a good fight.....

......but I'm not going to tolerate people attacking peer Atheists, giving aid and comfort to our enemies pretending from their safe closets that they know better than the activist who is fighting, blaming the victim Atheist of any fight......

and I insist that many fundamentalists are our likely allies, there are secular believers who stand on free will and free choice and are for peace and justice from the faith side of our causes...

accordingly I think it is foolish to simply take pot shots at religion per se.....

...... we need to fight theocrats, bellicose believers, stand for real science in schools, real sex ed in schools and end the praying to the flag by schoolkids..... get the cross and decalogue off the public properties nearest where we live, not just fight some far off battle risking nothing but travel time and travel costs.....

if folks are afraid of being known locally as Atheists, give money to those of us who are paying that price in our careers
Are you replying to me, LCC? I have to ask because your disjointed posts always confuse me in their meandering from points and off topic ramblings. Let me address the one point that did seem to be in reply to me.

The fact that reality is not terrific for everyone is an excellent point. I still think reality is terrific. Even when it deals hardships, it is there. But let me clarify; what I find terrific is the acceptance of reality more so than the circumstances of it. For example, it really sucks that somebody would post a rambling and incoherent rant in reply to my simple statement, but I accept the reality that these things will happen.
reg, I was expecting something a bit more passionate from you there. howeveer nicely put

tora tora tora
Thank you, my friend. My passions tend to spill over after a few too many drinks, then I am liable to post something idiotic. But this one was sober.


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