According to the Bible, it's been calculated that "God" killed over 2 million people. How? He burned them, smote them, and plagued them. According to 2 Chr. 21: 14-19, God killed Jehoram by making his bowels fall out, and the 250 people burned to death for offering incense (Numbers 16:35). He killed Lot's wife for looking back, hung the 7 sons of Saul, the 15,000 people who complained in Numbers 16: 49. Let us not forget the 7 plagues he released upon Egypt, and the killing of the first born son of every house with lambs blood atop the door frame.


Stated in the Bible, the "Devil" was only calculated to kill 10 people, and that is in a bet against "God" in Job 1: 1-19 where Job's 7 sons and 3 daughters were killed in a test to show Job's faith.


Thus, after stating all this, if "God" existed, would he be the one to blame for putting the violent tyranny acts of war into man's mind? Could he be the one to blame for showing us that force will sometimes help you what you desire; as in "God's" case where it was disciplined followers.

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Just look at history, shit all the wars have been started for a "god"or money which I think governments think is god.
Well, ours' must, they put his name on all of it.

of course. and not only through direct 'actions' as described above, and by inspiring such actions in 'his' followers, but also indirectly:

the patriarchy 'he' inspired also led our world to be populated by legions of males in power. as if that's not going to inspire bickering and violence.

Did he inspire it or was he inspired by it?  A great book for understanding the history of early monotheism--Goddess worship--and its subversion by God worship is "Who Cooked the Last Supper--The Women's History of the World" by Rosalind Miles.  It's very well researched and quite illuminating...
When I was still a monotheist, I rejected the male God for several reasons, his violence being one of them.  I converted to Gaia worship before becoming an atheist.  Even during my period of critical rejection of the old testament male God, I never considered the concept of God to be at root of humanity's predilection for violence, war, and subjugation.  This is because I know we've been at it since before the OT was even an oral tradition and far before monotheism took hold.  Resource scarcity is a great impetus for war, and just looking at the history of human migration, you can imagine that has been an issue which has haunted us from the cradle.
We're pretty good at finding reasons to kill each other. I don't think we can blame war on any one thing. Ants have wars, do they believe in gods?
I am not particularly stating that God caused ants to have wars; however, what I am trying to understand is if "God" could have imprinted his sadist ways on man and thus man taught unto animals. Take for instance dog fights and cock fights, never would have happened UNLESS for mans intervention. Same with "God." Is it possible we have taken the place of the dogs, figuratively speaking.

Plain and simple:


No.  "God" is not the cause of war.

Your question leads to so many possible answers. the question "does God cause wars?" implies that you are including what could be called holy wars. For your answer there are countless examples, the middle eastern conflict (i.e., Israel), Northern Ireland etc....


If you are to take the word of the bible literally then God blatantly supports genocide. The punishment for trespassing on one of the laws of the bible is invariably death. Maybe this is just yet another example of how the bible reflects the time and place that it was written in.

Ah, good point....very good point. I never looked at it like that, I knew all the atrocities he supposedly committed but now that you like that it seems that god would be to blame. He would also be responsible for rape. (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT) "If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her." There are alot of other things connecting god to those terrible things. What a god to worship right? A god who kills women and children and puts rules to rape.
Yes, I remember Deuteronomy 22: 28 - 29. Not a story you heard a lot in church, something they tended not to mention. You're point is valid indeed, and along with that, could you not go as far as to say he amused himself of slaughtering animals for sacrificial purposes. If he was an all powerful god who gave us the chance of free will, why did he order people to make sacrifices to him or result in the death of a first born? Which adds that he also was a baby killer. You could call him a sadist for the act of the 7 plagues of Egypt. What a cruel sense of humor right there.
Agreed, I often ponder why preachers dont mention all the foul actions that their so called "god" allows. I just want to go into a church and ask about it sometimes, what do you think they would say or do? This is an excellent discussion.


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