Has anyone read my new and original (very!) children’s book, Is God Real or Pretend? (Black Rose Publishing, October, 2013). It is an engaging comparative religion book for kids (age 7-14) and the curious adults in their lives. It just hit Amazon’s best seller list and is in book stores now. Kindle%20cover--good%20to%20go.jpg

Summary: This is the story of young Franklin's engaging and enlightening journey to answer this age old question. Franklin's grandmother, Dr. Wendy Knowles, a professor of astronomy, first provides Franklin with the basic scientific means of determining what is real and what is not and how science distinguishes questions it can answer and those it cannot. Franklin's mission of discovery continues as he meets a kindly professor of Greek mythology who offers a historical-cultural perspective on the question. Here Franklin meets the Greek Gods and their timeless myths.

Once armed with these new ideas, Franklin is introduced to representatives of the world's five major religions: Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian and Muslim. These knowledgeable teachers from each of the great religions charm and delight as they shine positive lights on their religion. Franklin asks probing questions, while learning to appreciate and admire the diversity and beauty of our religious traditions. Ultimately, Franklin's dynamic school report on the immensity and magnificence of the universe becomes the backdrop for his consideration of these important questions. This book is designed for anyone and everyone, young and old, religious or not, who wants to know more about these five great religions. It's the most unforgettable journey, one every thoughtful child (and, as I mentioned, the curious adults in their life) will enjoy.

Brief bio: I have written a bunch of historical romance novels (Avon Books, Zebra Books), a couple of successful screenplays, (most recently Harriet Tubman: let My People Go. Brightlight Pictures), countless angry letters to the editor (NYTs, LA Times), all  more or less to my credit and Is God Real or Pretend? is my first children’s novel. Is God Real or Pretend? circulated at the major publishing houses and oh boy, it came close (two editorial review panels!) but ultimately people decided it was too controversial to publish. I do not believe this. The human spirit is alive and curiosity about religion is a near universal experience, especially among children. Is God Real or Pretend? celebrates each of these great religious traditions, while emphasizing the distinction between religion and science, and how they coexist and complement each other. Furthermore, this book has been given an enthusiastic stamp of approval by scientists, philosophers, historians and prominent adherents of each of the great religions.

 For instance, the manuscript was sent to the Dalai Lama. In the manuscript, Franklin, our hero, corresponds with a Buddhist nun named Tenzin Dolma. His holiness had his secretary write back. You can imagine my surprise when I received a letter from Tenzin Dolma in my inbox; for one wild moment I imagined my character was writing to me! She said Is God Real or Pretend? was the best explanation of the Eightfold path for children she had ever encountered.

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