If God were human how many countries do you think would find him innocent?


Things he has done as I see it:





Rape (Mary, think about it)


Anything I haven't thought of?


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Ha! And I bet he would, too.
And yet i doubt the pope would get away with half the things that God's done and i'm not speaking legally. Hitler was a saint compared to God (well I never would have thought I would say that).
Only if we can also arrest Santa Claus for untold counts of breaking and entering.
and theft of cookies and milk
Would it be extortion of cookies and milk, like protection money?
Whose to say that Santa is not also fondling children? Why do they have to sit in his lap and tell him what they want? Sounds like a pervert, to me.
Did he actually rape Mary? I haven't gotten that far in the bible, but I thought that he sent an angel ahead to let Mary know he was coming for a booty call.
despite not having read the entire bible from my understanding what happened was that he basically sent an angel who said "Guess what? You are pregnent with the boy who will go on to become the saviour of the world. Good luck with that! by the by, no child support for you!"

as i'm not omniscient feel free to correct me anyone who knows better
Here I go again. I have been laughing all morning again reading CJ Weleman'book 'Gates Hates You,hate him back'
If I heard a voice that told me to kill I would run miles or put myself in a safe house away from others.
Surely any sane person would question the bible.



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